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Injured workers beware: Industrial Commission getting an ideological makeover

And the wrong target will be in their crosshairs:

The shift at the Industrial Commission means more than just new appointments for Republicans. It will likely bring a mind-shift in workers’ compensation cases. Conservatives have long complained that commissioners coddle injured workers, liberally awarding compensation at the expense of businesses and their insurers.

Once again, GOP lawmakers ignore the realities staring them in the face, and clutch their ideological memes instead. It's not the workers who get injured on their jobs trying to "game the system", it's the businesses themselves:

Thousands of NC employers dodge worker's compensation requirement

Apparently a whole lot of employers believe in ghosts:

Others, such as Worrell, manipulate the law. They buy a ghost policy, a package designed only for one-person operations with no employees as a fail-safe in case they hire someone during the course of the year. The state Industrial Commission, which decides disputed workers’ compensation cases, sees these policies for how they’re more commonly used: a way to pretend coverage exists when it doesn’t.

Of course, knowing employers are skirting the law and actually doing something about it are two totally different things, at least in this right-to-be-paralyzed-on-the-job state:

Workers compensation insurance and GOP hypocrisy

In response to the news that thousands of NC businesses are not complying with workers comp insurance requirement:

House Speaker Pro Tem Dale Folwell, a Winston-Salem Republican, said the investigation illuminates a need for more reform of the workers comp system and pledged to call together people stakeholders to talk about possible solutions.

The only solutions you're interested in involve screwing workers even more than you did the last time:

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