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Tuesday Twitter roundup

The harsh reality of the GOP's failure to properly fund public education:

And no math formula can make it right:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

The sacrificial lamb bleats:

I hope you haven't eaten yet, because this is seriously nauseating:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start today's entry with some meme-busting:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

More incomprehensible jibber-jabber from the DAG:

And when you're done, maybe you can get somebody to interpret the words that come out of your mouth.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Never one to miss an opportunity for sour grapes:

If you had read the decision, you'd know that very issue (majority rule) was addressed and discarded, at least as it bears on equality. Which you demagogues should have known from the start.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start today's entry with a complicated issue:

Quite possibly too complicated for our current leaders:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Once again, the dreaded "R" word comes into play:

His chamber's a star chamber, where the elite decide who to punish.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Since I'm in the mood for a distraction from politics:

You know, unless you actually feed the poor creatures sweet, juicy peaches their entire sad lives, I'll stick with my peppery vinegary stuff, thank you very much.

NC featured in Governing magazine

It's an ugly, sad story.

Until Republicans took control, the state had long been known as an outpost of Southern progressivism. This year’s elections may indicate whether the state’s shift to the hard right is in step with most voters.


Tuesday Twitter roundup

Be careful what you ask for:

David, I'd say this sums up my reaction:

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