Hager won't give up on REPS repeal

Somebody's getting a little too big for his Chairman's britches:

The amended bill still went down 18-13 in Hager’s committee, with six Republicans joining its 12 Democrats. Hager said late Thursday afternoon that the bill is still very much alive and could come back to a vote with further amendments.

“Of course,” he said. “Fortunately, that bill is in the committee that I’m chairman of.”

"Of which I'm Chairman", not that anybody who was involved in the Cliffside coal plant fiasco could ever learn from his mistakes. Speaking of, we'll be paying for that $2 billion monstrosity for years, in both rate increases and health deterioration, not that Mike Hager would ever dare to mention such things. Back to "his" Committee, which (if he gets his way) will soon be populated by Teahadists:

NC poll finds overwhelming support for renewable energy

Apparently the public isn't completely clueless:

A recent statewide public opinion survey conducted by Fallon Research found that 75.7% of Republicans, 89% of Democrats, and 81.6% of Independents (82.6% overall) said state leaders and elected officials in North Carolina should seek more alternative or renewable energy sources in order to provide consumers and businesses with electricity.

That small percentage of people who oppose renewable energy, for whatever misguided reasons, need to understand: this poll isn't a product of confusion. Even those who question the validity of global warming are aware of the pollution burning coal produces, and even the small percentage of those who dismiss that or try to ignore it know it's unwise to be reliant on finite resources when infinite resources are available. If lawmakers try to reverse the progress we've made in this area, the voters will be (understandably) perplexed and upset. And this part was pleasantly surprising:

The Koch Brothers' dirty attack on clean energy

Aided and abetted by ALEC, of course:

ALEC's Electricity Freedom Act model bill was written by the Heartland Institute, a shill group made infamous for comparing those who recognize climate science to terrorists like Ted Kaczynski. Todd Wynn, a corporate influence peddler who heads ALEC's Energy, Environment and Agriculture task force, named North Carolina as one of several states ALEC will focus its clean energy attacks

I sincerely hope this bad idea gets stopped in its tracks. But if it doesn't, everybody needs to remember the original (bad) deal: in order to get SB3 passed, utilities were allowed to reinstate the previously disallowed process known as Construction Work In Progress (CWIP). If SB3 goes, CWIP needs to go too.

That'll do, pig

Utilities are scrambling to find partners to help them achieve REPS-mandated conversion of hog waste into energy:

The state's electric utilities are looking for business partners that will convert swine waste into electricity. They'll pay more than they spend, themselves, to generate power from coal, natural gas or nuclear fuel. But the cost will hardly be recognizable on utility bills.

If the whole process works, everyone wins. The swine waste now stored in lagoons, which is an environmental disaster waiting to happen, will be put to a good use producing clean electricity. The air around farms will not smell as bad because the lagoons will be capped. And farmers should generate new cash from the sale of both electricity and fertilizer.

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