NC sales tax

NC GOP takes another swipe at small businesses

Wherever there's a service rendered, there's money to be squeezed out:

The plan, backed by Senate leader Phil Berger, would tax a variety of services that are currently exempt from charging sales tax: veterinarian visits; pet grooming; and repair, maintenance and installation on personal property such as cars. The taxing would begin Oct. 1 and would generate an estimated $202.9 million for the state in fiscal year 2016-2017.

It’s part of a massive Senate economic development and tax proposal that also includes personal and corporate income tax cuts – the next step in a Republican-led effort to shift more of the tax burden from income to sales taxes.

It appears the Bergermeister has been drinking the free-market Kool-Aid too long, and has forgotten the basics of a consumer-based economy. Here's a definition of Commerce: "Exchange of goods or services for money or in kind, usually on a scale large enough to require transportation from place to place or across city, state, or national boundaries." In order to generate said Commerce, a multitude of individual commercial transactions must take place. You can't have the macro without the micro. Every time you exert pressure on that point of sale for goods and/or services, you will change behavior patterns to a certain degree, and the result could be (and sometimes is) devastating.

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