AFL-CIO "Organize the South" forum has been cancelled

Until a new date and time is determined, remember this:

Your right to organize is established law – based upon your freedom of association guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and specifically by the National Labor Relations Act, which states:

Section 7: “Employees shall have the right to self organization, to form, join, or assist labor organizations, to bargain collectively through representation of their own choosing, and to engage in other concerted activities for the purpose of collective bargaining…”

Many in NC proceed from the assumption that unions are illegal here, but that is simply not the case. By statute, state government employees are severely limited in their ability to engage in collective bargaining, and NC's "right to work" laws make organizing difficult for the rest of us. But in reality, our meager 3% participation in unions is a self-imposed handicap. And the only way we'll be able to overcome that handicap is through education.

Trans-Pacific Partnership another in a long line of bad ideas

Time to put some speed bumps on the Fast Track:

The Trans-Pacific Partnership would continue the Korea FTA’s job-eroding legacy. The TPP includes Vietnam, a new favored destination of U.S. corporations looking to offshore manufacturing jobs, given that minimum wages there are a fraction of those in China. In addition, Vietnam was recently red-listed by the Department of Labor as one of just four countries that use both child labor and forced labor in apparel production. If that weren’t enough, a leaked chapter of the TPP would provide special privileges to firms that relocate abroad, eliminating many of the usual risks that make corporations think twice about offshoring to low-wage countries like Vietnam.

This op-ed is just one more example of why labor unions are so important in this country, and why North Carolina's aversion to such is both foolish and self-destructive. In the absence of a strong union presence, we end up putting our faith and trust in groups like the US Chamber of Commerce. Please read the following carefully:

State AFL-CIO President to NCGA: "I will not be obedient in the face of injustice"

NC State AFL-CIO President James Andrews will join the almost 500 who have gone before him and risk arrest by petitioning the NC General Assembly in nonviolent civil disobedience at Moral Monday 8. About why he has chosen civil disobedience, James had this to say:

"Today I stand in opposition to the immoral acts taken against the people of North Carolina by those who claim to govern in their name. "Well, not in my name do this General Assembly and Governor act. Not with my consent do they undermine North Carolina and her hard-working families.

"I am not intimidated by bullies. And I will not be obedient in the face of injustice."

Let's save America's Postal Service

Rally to save six-day delivery on March 24th

Letter carriers, other postal employees, and their families will rally in Charlotte and in Raleigh this Sunday against an unlawful edict by the Post Master General that would end Saturday mail delivery and add thousands more Americans to unemployment rolls at a time when our fragile economic recovery is not secured. Similar rallies are being held across the United States as part of a national day of action to save Saturday mail delivery.

What: Rally to save Saturday mail delivery
When: Sunday, March 24 at 2:00 PM
Where: Two locations in North Carolina
In Raleigh: Bicentennial Mall (across from the state house, 16 W. Jones St, Raleigh, NC 27601)
In Charlotte: Carmel Post Office, 6300 Carmel Rd, Charlotte, NC 28226

Grab your pot and let's make some noise!

Since so many of our lawmakers in Raleigh have made it plain they aren't listening to the people of North Carolina, it's time to get their attention another way. Please join the AFL-CIO, Progress NC and other allies at the General Assembly on May 16 -- the opening day of this year's legislative session -- for a rally that lawmakers can't ignore. Bring your own pot and utensil of choice and be prepared to make some noise. Details after the jump...

Hey, Renee? America Wants to Work!

Workers from all walks of life walked a picket line outside Rep. Renee Ellmers' (R-2nd) district office in Dunn, NC, today. We walked to remind the Congresswoman that North Carolina, like the rest of America, wants to work! Ellmers needs to focus on what matters - fixing our JOBS CRISIS. The top 1% can take care of themselves. We need Ellmers to represent the Other 99% for a change.

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