NC Tax Reform

Chad Barefoot is a fast learner

First-term state senator Chad Barefoot must have taken a crash course from Thom Tillis, Phil Berger, Thom Goolsby and Tim Moffitt about how to deny that NC GOP policies are destroying the state.

The method they use is called outright lying. Typically, they cherry-pick one or two data points and attempt to use that information to make a broad, overarching statement about how their harmful policy is, in fact, a completely opposite helpful policy that makes life heavenly for North Carolinians. Sparkleponies!

Not long ago they lied about education. They've done it with most of their policies once their draconian nature is widely publicized.

Chad Barefoot is now lying about the new tax laws.

Words vs. actions

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The Jones Street House of Pain has declared war on lots of folks:

  • They have a War on Women
  • They actively pursue a War on Gays
  • They declared War on the Environment
  • They're Waging a War on the Poor
  • They are at War with Public Education

But the war they really don't want you to know about is the War on the Military.

Every politician claims that they support the military. Ask any of the right-wing extremist kooks in the legislature if they support our military and you'll surely get a hearty affirmation. But then we have to look at their actions:

Personal income taxes

My son gave me a great idea that Budget Director Pope and the folks at the NC General Assembly should consider. Since for election donation purposes corporations are considered people, why not tax corporations at the same rate as the personal income tax?

Seems very reasonable to me. A real flat tax for the flat earth crowd.

Economist-for-hire Arthur Laffer

Economist-for-hire Arthur Laffer - the man behind the General Assembly's plan to eliminate the personal & corporate income taxes - headlined an event in Raleigh last night with members of the American Legislative Exchange Council. Under the Dome did a piece on the event that's worth the read.

Berger: pander to the rich, make the poor go hungry

Just a few reasons why a consumption tax is a bad idea:

Berger said he’s looking to institute a consumption-based tax system that includes more services subject to sales tax. While he was not forthcoming with specifics, we could see prescription drugs and doctor’s visits, higher fees for court and government services, higher fees on driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations, a hefty hike in sales tax and probably two dozen other new or higher fees we can’t even imagine.

He also intends to re-impose the full state sales tax on groceries.

Which is exactly the opposite direction we need to go to address NC's growing poverty problem. Elections do have consequences, and it appears the poor are going to suffer those consequences more than anyone else.

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