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NC WARN has a new video about solar energy

And it's a winner.

Coal Ash Wednesday: the people have spoken, Duke Energy should pay

And there is no mumbling in this message:

As N.C. legislators wrestle with proposed coal ash regulation, NC WARN says a new statewide poll shows overwhelming majorities support requiring Duke Energy to clean up all its ash ponds in North Carolina — and foot the entire bill itself.

Also, 82 percent of the poll's respondents said they would consider a legislator’s vote to allow Duke to charge customers for the cleanup a good reason to vote against that legislator.

Lawmakers would do well to remember the power of Vox Populi when it comes to matters like this one, and that goes double for a Deputy Assistant Governor who might be tempted to sign such a bill. The people know where you used to work.

Piedmont Green Gala at TS Designs

The power of change:

Hat-tip to Eric Henry of TS Designs for hosting this event. Let's meet some people:

NC WARN calls out DAG McCrory over ongoing conflict of interest

A regular citizen would find himself in jail for pulling this shit. DAG McCrory of course, will skate, right along with all the other scumbag insider traitors surrounding him and Governor Pope.

I'd like to say this is a piece of Blue Onion satire, but it's not.

NC WARN steps up on energy efficiency

Purchasing ad space to fight for building code revisions:

NC WARN, a nonprofit that promotes renewable energy and opposes new nuclear power plants, is running newspaper ads challenging the N.C. Home Builders Assocation and N.C. Building Code Council on their positions on requiring homes to use less juice.

The ad promotes the 30 percent standard, asks readers to contact Gov. Bev Perdue's office about replacing council members, and to submit comments to the council before its Tuesday meeting.

This is a critical issue that has long-lasting implications for our state, and getting these revisions inserted should be a no-brainer. But when the hometicks are involved, brains have little to do with it.

March for Climate Leadership

NC WARN,Greenpeacemarch for climate leadership

300,000 people a year are dying from climate change disasters.
We have five years to take action to avoid runaway global warming.

A Call to Conscience

to cancel construction of Duke Energy’s coal-burning power plant at Cliffside and turn North Carolina toward NC SAVE$ ENERGY.

to champion an international treaty for emissions reduction that is fair, ambitious, and binding.

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