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Local Democratic Leaders Expected To Call For A Vote Of No Confidence Against NCDP Chairman Randy Voller

Some quick words about last night’s radio show: The Social Spitball Show with Bram Sarkowski.

Raleigh, NC—Last night on the Social Spitball Show hosted by Bram Sarkowski—Democratic leaders supportive of North Carolina Chairman Randy Voller, broke the news that some within the party have planned on making public a formal complaint against Voller. The complaint, apparently headed by congressional district chair, Luke Hyde, will ask the NC Council of Review to remove Voller and newly elected NCDP Executive Director, Casey Mann. They are claiming mismanagement of tax check off money and will ask for a vote of no confidence in an effort to remove Voller as Chair of the party.

TODAY: NC Teen Democrats Host 50th Annual Political Summit

Teen Democrats Hold 50th Annual Convention in Browns Summit

Raleigh, May 25, 2013: The North Carolina Association of Teen Democrats will hold their 50th Annual Convention at Haw River State Park, accompanied by the first annual North Carolina Youth Political Summit. Groups from Asheville to Nags Head will be coming to hear from prominent political leaders as well as to elect officers of the state-wide organization.

The event begins on Friday, May 31 at 6 PM with dinner and orientation to acquaint new and old members from across North Carolina. Saturday morning, North Carolina Representatives Marcus Brandon and Pricey Harrison will conduct an open forum. This leads into a reception open to the public at 11:00 AM with College Democrats of America President Tori Taylor, Greensboro City Council Candidate Jamal Fox, and former US Senate Candidate Jim Neal speaking on the many achievements of the Teen Democrats.

Eric Mansfield releases "Our Plan"

Eric Mansfield released the first version of his plan to rebuild our Democratic Party, but it really is a plan that belongs to all of us. After hundreds of conversations the plan represents a vision for the Party that many of us share. I trust that by the time he speaks with all of us even more ideas will emerge!


I have spoken to many of you in recent weeks and I have been encouraged by your optimism, your hope and your faith in our state and our Democratic Party. Based on hundreds of conversations with SEC members and party supporters I believe that the simple, powerful idea that we're all in this together has to be basis of our work – not just a slogan.

Please check out the latest version of our plan to move the Democratic Party forward: It is our plan because I believe many of its best parts come from your suggestions. It is a plan inspired and informed by your call for action on how to build our party.

Meet and Greet with Randy Voller in Raleigh on January 10 has been moved to the Flying Saucer!

Attn SEC Members and Others: The Meet and Greet for Randy Voller originally scheduled for the Capital City Club has been moved to the Flying Saucer 328 W Morgan Street Raleigh NC 27601. Event will begin at 6:30pm. Food and Beverages will be available.

Raleigh is one of the few U.S. cities that was actually planned and built specifically to be a state capital. It was founded by legislators who met in Issac Hunter's Tavern back in 1788. They decreed our new capital must be within 10 miles of Isaac Hunter’s tavern, a popular drinking spot of that time.

It also may be the only capital that was chosen because of its proximity to accessible alcohol ;-)

Therefore, it is fitting that we meet in a tavern to meet and greet with Randy Voller, who is running for the Chair of the NC Democratic Party.

Mansfield declares his candidacy

Heard the news on Facebook. Looks like he's off to a good start with a solid web presence. Here's hoping this doesn't degenerate into a mud fight, because it is truly a wide open race. Heard any rumors of potential women candidates?


If you could vote today, who would you support for NCDP Chair?

The next NC Democratic Party chair

As many of you know, my wife Jane has been hosting a monthly political salon for almost 20 years now. Last night we had our annual potluck, and I led a discussion of North Carolina politics ... which was undeniably depressing.

The only bright spot in the discussion was an absolute consensus that the North Carolina Democratic Party has a unique opportunity to rebuild itself from the ground up. That consensus shined a white-hot spotlight on the importance of the next Chair. There was also a general agreement that the party leadership is and has been severely out of touch with grass-roots Democrats (all of us), and missing-in-action when it comes to social media engagement.

With that last point in mind, I am extending a personal invitation to any candidate for NCDP Chair to join us at BlueNC for a public discussion about your vision for the Party.
In the event that you are not already actively engaged in the socialsphere, this is your opportunity to demonstrate a willingness to dive in and develop new skills. All you need to do is register and post a comment on this thread telling us that you're interested. I will then contact you to schedule something at your convenience.

NCDP Chair?

Well it's official - David Parker is not going to run for re-election as NCDP Chair. I sincerely had hoped he'd run for re-election because, without a DNC Convention to make folks lose their minds (and perspective) he might have actually had a chance to do some serious party-building from the grassroots up.

So now the next question is - who will run for the office of NCDP Chair? Folks have floated several names around for the last few weeks since the November general election:

Eric Mansfield
Linda Coleman
Sarah Anderson
Don Vaughn
Cal Cunningham
Randy Voller
Frank Eaton

Charlotte Observer's take on David Parker

The Observer's editorial board which is pretty good on our issues, blisters Parker and the events of this past Saturday

Parker’s self-centered decision to stay on as party chairman despite his role in it (sexual harassement scandal), are embarrassing the Democrats and threaten to hurt the very candidates Parker is supposed to help elect.

read more at: Charlotte Observer

They also ran a pretty good editorial cartoon:

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