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At issue here with the State Democratic Party is no longer a matter of personality clashes or competing party ideologies. The core problem of the struggling NCDP is a lack of leadership. I am convinced that Chairman Voller is a nice guy. I have talked with him one on one and have listened to him speak. I am convinced that he genuinely cares for the party and the people in it. If all it took to be in charge was a winning personality Jimmy Carter would have won a second term and John Kerry would be a former President instead of current Secretary of State.

Some polling info from PPP on NC and Dem possibilities

This link appeared in my inbox a few hours ago. The data should makes Dems in NC a little more optimistic about cutting into the R's dominance come 2014.

If Dem. leadership can bring some resources to bear in the right districts it just might be possible to flip the NC Senate. But SShhhh, don't tell Boss Pope.

Eric Mansfield releases "Our Plan"

Eric Mansfield released the first version of his plan to rebuild our Democratic Party, but it really is a plan that belongs to all of us. After hundreds of conversations the plan represents a vision for the Party that many of us share. I trust that by the time he speaks with all of us even more ideas will emerge!


I have spoken to many of you in recent weeks and I have been encouraged by your optimism, your hope and your faith in our state and our Democratic Party. Based on hundreds of conversations with SEC members and party supporters I believe that the simple, powerful idea that we're all in this together has to be basis of our work – not just a slogan.

Please check out the latest version of our plan to move the Democratic Party forward: It is our plan because I believe many of its best parts come from your suggestions. It is a plan inspired and informed by your call for action on how to build our party.

Why I chose to become a county chair

I became the County chair in Gaston a little over a year ago. There was so much excitement in the air that you could feel it. People came out of the woodwork to vote and to be involved and the optimism of the local and state Democratic Party was beginning to emerge after a wake-up call in the 2010 elections.

Fast forward to Saturday, May 12th, and the scene was very different. The SEC Meeting which I attended did not demonstrate the reasons why I ran for and accepted the office of a County Chair.

Hampton Dellinger interviews the NCDP Chair candidates

Great interviews, and a good chance to hear all three candidates in their own words and voices.

Check it out. Try this link if that one loads too slowly for you.

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