Senator Thom Goolsby resigns

Good riddance to bad rubbish:

Tea Party Snapshot: Why They Believe What They Believe

Do you ever wonder why people believe in the Tea Party ideology? I’ve wondered. And, I’ve spent time gathering information that may glean some light on why they believe what they believe. Most anyone who considers themselves left of center could take this information and formulate strategy and talking point to change some minds. The garden variety Tea Party member is a college educated white Christian male, making over $50,000 a year who owns a gun.

First, here’s what the number show about the average Teabagger?


90% of Tea Party members are white
Less than 1% are Black


About 40% are college educated


60% male
40% female


55% make over $50, 000/year
20% report making over $100, 000/year


93% report they are Christian
40% describe themselves as Evangelical
65% say they are Protestant
40% attend church services weekly


The truth about the NC GOP tax increase

The right-wing nut jobs from the Jones Street House of Pain, along with DAG McClowny, have been on an all-out propaganda push to try to convince North Carolinians that they're getting a tax cut, just because the nominal income tax rate will decline and they'll see an extra buck or two in their paychecks.

Of course, their propaganda is disingenuous a pack of outright lies. They know that nearly all of the tax cuts go to the wealthiest people and that, with the elimination of many deductions and the earned income tax credit, coupled with the new 7.5% sales tax on many goods and services, the overall tax bill for most people will go up.

And as usual, it's nicely summarized by the good folks at NC Policy Watch.

GOP hangover

[Cross-posted from BackwardNC]

After a 6-month drunk-on-power binge during which the unruly GOP mob ran roughshod over the entire state and had their way with the people of NC, they just recently woke up hung over and naked in a ditch by the side of the road.

[As consciousness starts to return, DAG McCrony, Tillis and Berger discuss the circumstances]

McCrony: What happened?

Berger: I’m not sure. Damn! My head hurts.

Tillis: I remember something about a budget. I need some coffee!

Berger: And abortions. And voter suppression. Make my coffee black and strong!

McCrony: I remember signing those bills after we agreed about them.

Berger & Tillis, in unison: SHUT UP! You’re just a hired pen.

Real worker's compensation reform needed

And that doesn't mean pandering to lobbyists:

The quick fix concerns transparency. Last summer, in response to a Raleigh News & Observer report that as many as 30,000 North Carolina companies did not have required coverage, the General Assembly made most of the data confidential.

Is that how our Legislature should approach widespread systemic problems, by sweeping them under the carpet (or closing the drapes so nobody can see)? Of course not. But aside from the issue of the casual disregard of established law, there are some other very good reasons to bring these companies into compliance:

NC: should I stay or should I go?

It's a natural question to ask, of course, after being told by your state lawmakers -- pissed away $150K paid with our tax dollars -- to hold a special legislative session to specifically stroke off their inner bigot. Actually, for most of these pro-amendment politicians, there was nothing "inner" about their full-time, fact-free, disgusting bigotry.

Leave the Ferry system alone

Putting the chokehold on Ocracoke:

Tolls for ferries to Ocracoke likely would result in fewer tourists visiting there, which are a major part of the island’s economy. Those people may consider a $20 (round-trip) toll too much of a price to pay to check out the barrier island. The Hatteras-Ocracoke route is the most popular in the ferry system.

It would also adversely impact tourism along the entire Outer Banks. A lot of tourists come up from the South through Ocracoke on their way to Hatteras, Nags Head, etc. Cutting the budget for the ferry system is one of the worst "false economy" moves we could make.

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