Tuesday Twitter roundup

He said it, I didn't:

And you think that's a good way to do the people's business? Voting for something sight unseen, and then "catching up" later, when there's not a damn thing you can do about it?

Idiocy Not Limited To Food Stamps

Rep. Pittman, from Cabarrus County, takes today’s prize. He suggested Planned Parenthood “gave out” contraceptives that don’t work so they could “get more business.” That’s right, folks.

There was “bargaining” in the videos, he said, and “oh, I want a Lamborghini...” so we have to sell more women on an abortion to get that tissue.

“The very idea that Planned Parenthood would want to reduce abortions is ludicrous...they’re making money off of it....”

Republican idiocy surrounding Food Stamp issues

There should be a test to determine if lawmakers are able-brained:

Lawmakers in the Senate who debated the bill on Thursday said cutting off the benefits would induce people to find jobs. “I don’t know the exact number of people that this can ultimately affect, but I think that you’re going to see a lot of them either go and get that 20-hour-a-week job or they’re going to enroll in some kind of higher education to improve their job skills,” said Sen. Norman Sanderson (R-Arapahoe).

Pay attention, Einstein: The "S" in SNAP stands for supplemental. It only amounts to about $45 per week. If you honestly believe that somebody would choose not to work simply because they're receiving that, then you are a bonafide idiot. And as far as enrolling in higher education, many of Sanderson's constituents would have to drive 40+ miles to attend Pamlico Community College. They could receive financial aid to attend, but they would need a working automobile, money for gas, and a whole lot of other associated costs that Norman Sanderson doesn't have a clue are involved. It's one thing to hear an urban conservative spout such nonsense, but someone representing distressed Eastern North Carolina counties? Boggles the mind.

The Micromanaged Life

Dear NCGA,
I usually make decisions on my own but as you seem to have the answer for everything that ails North Carolina, I thought I’d seek your advice on a few things.

It’s raining this morning, what should I wear? Should I take an umbrella with me? And should I take lunch or eat out?

Queen Aldona under Federal investigation

Better hold a couple of quick dinner parties to raise funds for lawyer fees:

According to documents provided by DHHS on Friday afternoon, U.S. Attorney Thomas Walker subpoenaed the department for information on more than 30 employees, as well as bidding and payment information for administrative contracts, as part of a criminal investigation. The subpoenas came in late July, about a week before the resignation of former DHHS Secretary Aldona Wos in early August.

DHHS spokeswoman Kendra Gerlach said Wos decided to resign before the subpoenas.

Riiight. She was stuck like a tick on DHHS and wouldn't come off no matter how badly she screwed things up, and we're supposed to believe the timing of her (finally) resigning was just a coincidence? It's apparent Wos' obliviousness rubbed off on her staff during her tenure. I find it particularly ironic to see Art Pope's "public corruption" hit-man Les Merritt being called on the Grand Jury carpet for his $312,000 "personal services" contract:

Another Reason to Vote Democratic

The hard right doesn’t want to govern, they want to rule. And they want to rule right now.

One of the millions of articles on the resignation of Speaker John Boehner commented that:

Boehner’s tormentors refused to accept the limits of his political power.

They refuse to accept the limits of his political power.

Scared little children pass bill attacking Planned Parenthood

Because they can't tell fiction from reality:

The bill’s sponsor, Wake County Republican Sen. Chad Barefoot, said the bill was prompted by hidden-camera videos suggesting that Planned Parenthood was selling body parts from abortions.

“The videos are utterly gruesome and callous, and their contents represent a dark and depraved part of our culture,” Barefoot said. “We shouldn’t turn a blind eye. A marketplace for the sale of the remains of unborn children is growing in this country.”

Here's a little science for you, Chad: The development of a vaccine for Rubella (German Measles) was discovered using fetal tissue from an abortion, and that vaccine has since prevented about 5,000 unwanted spontaneous abortions per year since then. And there's treatment for Parkinson's, Ebola, Cancer, and AIDs resulting from fetal tissue research, as well. But possibly the most disheartening result of this bill is the fact only 3 Democrats voted against it. When you let fear of political ramifications overcome science and common sense, that too sends a message.

DisConnect NC: Transportation infrastructure missing from revised bond

"I'm sure it's a nice building, I just can't get there from here."

But the cornerstone of his proposal was "a transportation bond of $1.2 billion that will allow for the quicker construction of projects in the 25 year plan." In fact new money for roads, bridges, ports and other transportation projects were so key to the initiative that McCrory dubbed it ‘Connect NC.’

That name remains but all money for connections has been stripped out of the Connect NC bill. There is money for an academic building boom...But the Senate’s plan cuts roughly a billion dollars from McCrory’s proposal by eliminating all road, bridge and transportation projects from the plan.

Another embarrassment for Governor McTravel, who will no doubt be shaking his fists in frustration. But it's also going to be frustrating for the rest of the state, which is in dire need of some road repair and (yikes!) bridge replacements. And for sure the Highway Patrol will really love this:


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