“I’m not going to publicly announce that something discriminates.”

McCrory's campaign advisors must cringe every time he speaks:

McCrory said the Justice Department gave him an unrealistic “three working days” to respond. “It’s the federal government being a bully,” he said.

Myers Park Pat is literally coming apart at the seams. The more he speaks, the more he shows himself to be painfully unqualified for the job voters gave him.

Charlotte and GOP Legislators "negotiating" on HB2

The fable of the scorpion and the frog comes to mind:

When the legislature’s top leaders met privately with Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts on Thursday, both sides discussed what neither has been willing to suggest publicly: What if we each gave a little to end the crisis over House Bill 2?

Under one proposal, the City Council would rescind its LGBT nondiscrimination ordinance as a good faith gesture. In exchange, the state would make changes to HB2.

You know what? I believe in compromise. I believe in resolving problems whenever possible, even if that means you don't get everything you want. But since this crisis began, the GOP has placed *all* of the blame for HB2 on Charlotte, while smugly and self-righteously maintaining their fabricated high-ground. As far as I'm concerned, the Charlotte City Council is not culpable of anything, so they shouldn't feel "compelled" to help resolve this problem. A problem Republicans brought on themselves. All that being said, if the Council decides to proceed, they are sharp enough to do so wisely.

Taking a poke at the NC GOP's "neo-carpetbaggers"

And their misplaced fears and prejudice were wrapped up in that carpet:

But recently some of my friends and I were commenting on the fact that a not inconsiderable number of people in high places here are not from around here. Phil Berger, president pro tempore of the N.C. Senate, was born in New Rochelle, N.Y. John Fennebresque, former UNC Board of Governors chairman, is from Oyster Bay, Long Island, and a graduate of Choate, a Connecticut prep school. Gov. Pat McCrory was born in Columbus, Ohio. Bob Rucho, former chairman of the N.C. Senate Redistricting Committee and former co-chairman of the Finance Committee, is from Worcester, Massachusetts, and a graduate of Northeastern University. Thom Tillis, recently elected to the U.S. Senate, was born in Jacksonville, Florida, and attended Chattanooga Community College. He is reported to have moved about 20 times. My friend, the writer Fred Hobson, calls these men “neo-carpetbaggers.”

Just an anecdote, but probably not a rare one: Several years ago a virtual stranger unloaded a whining rant in my ear, centered around the fact two African-American families had moved into houses on his street. Because I'm a white male with a barely-kept-in-control Southern accent, this happens more often that you'd think. Dude was from Long Island, and he actually said to me, "The main reason we moved down here was to get away from that crap." Not trying to imply the South would be prejudice-free in the absence of such racist immigrants, but, you know. We don't need any help perpetuating that nonsense.

SolarBee project has (finally) come to an end

But don't expect the Jordan Lake Rules to be implemented just yet:

In a press release Thursday afternoon, the Department of Environmental Quality announced it will end the project after data tracked since the devices were activated "indicated no significant improvement in water quality."

"I appreciate the work our staff has done over the last two years to evaluate the potential of the SolarBee technology to improve water quality at Jordan Lake," DEQ Secretary Donald van der Vaart said in the release. "I'm discontinuing the SolarBee project after reviewing nearly two years of scientific data that show it will not yield the intended results."

If by "intended results" you mean any results at all, then yes, that is an accurate statement. Poor van der Vaart probably risked an embolism admitting that much. As to the timeline on actually doing something that could improve the water quality of Jordan Lake, we're looking at two more years of delay:

Speaker Moore just hit himself over the head with the irony stick

It takes a special kind of stupid to produce a statement like this:

“Of course, it was a very tight deadline, which is frankly unreasonable,” Moore said. “With all candor, with all due respect, we think the Obama Administration is playing politics with us. The legislative process doesn’t work where a response can be given in a few days.”

Sweet Jumpin' Jesus. HB2 was introduced, voted on, and signed by the Governor, in just a fraction of one day. With all candor, I believe Tim Moore has become estranged with reality...

On Margaret Spellings and the persistence of failed education policies


There is a method to their madness:

During the rising calls for bureaucratic education reform, revamping teacher evaluations and pay, and the Wisconsin teacher protests, former Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings (2011) weighed in about reauthorizing NCLB: “However, any new law must be a step toward stronger, more precise accountability.” And her audacity here is even bolder than what the new reformers have been perpetuating through film and popular media.

The first thing that everybody needs to understand: These folks aren't just trying to get their grubby hands on all those education dollars. There is a more fundamental (and dangerous) drive than mere greed, and it revolves around absolute power:

GOP tax madness: Debt forgiven is taxable income?

Squeezing the last few drops of blood out of victims of foreclosure:

The state House will hold a final vote on changes to the state law. Senate Bill 726 would, among other things, continue to "de-couple" North Carolina from the federal tax law on whether to count mortgage debt that is forgiven as income. Current federal law does not tax homeowners on that kind of debt forgiveness. Current North Carolina law does and would continue to under this bill.

Where's AFP on this? JLF & Civitas? Nothing? How about the "Taxed Enough Already" Tea Partiers? The truth is, the hypocrites who claim to be on the side of the taxpayers don't give two shits what happens to a family forced into foreclosure. They were dumb enough to get in trouble, and any consequences are on them. If somebody borrowed $300,000 to purchase a house, made mortgage payments for two years but went upside down, and the bank forgave their debt but took their house, that family is left with nothing to show from that brief venture. No accrued wealth. But Republicans want to tax that family for the $275,000 balance the bank "forgave." Money that doesn't exist. And as for Jeff Collins' navel-gazing attempt to justify this government fraud:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Don't look now, but the GOP is about to slash the NC DOT workforce:

No doubt in preparation for another big tax cut for the wealthy. And when their Mercedes and Porsches get torn up from potholes, they will blame their local governments.


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