The strange path of House Bill 695

The Strange Path of House Bill 695

The inflammatory N.C. House Bill 695, subject of the late-night voodoo in the N.C. Senate on July 2, was first introduced in the North Carolina General Assembly on April 9 of this year. At the time it carried the short title of "Foreign Laws/Protect Constitutional Rights," because it was ostensibly designed to ensure that the United States Constitution and the laws of North Carolina would be safe from the application of "foreign law."

More specifically, this odd little bill proclaimed that it would be the "public policy of this state to protect its citizens from the application of foreign law that would result in the violation of a legal or constitutional right of a natural person."

Urge State Senators to Pass House Bill 5

Hi. Please urge State Senators to quickly pass House Bill 5. As WRAL reports on the temporary funding for Group Homes issue:

The House voted 116-0 on House Bill 5, but it's fate in the Senate remains murky. Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger said Wednesday that he wasn't in a hurry to address the group home issue.

From the Director of The National Alliance on Mental Illness North Carolina chapter:

NCGOP Declares Provisional Government

Well, not yet anyway. But why not drop the pretense of redistricting and elections and just cut to the chase?

Yesterday in Raleigh, state Senate lawmakers advanced another bill aimed at making voting harder for North Carolinians who actually make it into the voting booth after clearing the other hurdles the GOP-led legislature has proposed. Reporter Laura Leslie put it succinctly [emphasis mine]:

Marc Basnight opening day remarks

Senator Marc Basnight is not your ordinary public speaker. He can have a very informal, personal style even in the middle of such a formal occasion. Here, woven into the speech, he's calling out the challenges to committee chairs and key members of the team.

Senate President Pro Tempore Marc Basnight's Opening Day Speech at the Convening of the 2007-2008 General Assembly. January 24, 2007

To my Lieutenant Governor, thank you for your friendship and support. To Dick Parker, a long-time friend from Manteo who swore me in today, thank you. To all members and families, friends, and guests in the gallery, I not only welcome you but I appreciate your belief in a better government for all people by your participation today.

I have to mention, as all of you would like for me to do, Robert Holloman and his family and all that he did for his district and the people that he loved so very much. Our good God needed him for other reasons above and beyond all that we do. His effort and his belief will be forever with those of us who served with him. So I thank his wife and his children for being with us today.

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