New Bern Sun Journal

Reporters barred from gun show

I guess if you want to know what's going on, you'll have to go yourself:

The Sun Journal was not allowed inside the show despite the fact that Craven County Sheriff’s Office personnel were issuing gun permits at a table lined with those applying, like Blake Taylor of New Bern, who said he was getting a hand gun permit.

So much for "open government". Public servants should not be discharging their (taxpayer-funded) duties in a private environment where the proprieter can bar the press from observing. Allowing one without the other is a clear breach of the public's trust and needs, if not the actual letter of the law.

Filter this

I can see why a candidate who is a sexual predator would want to "bypass" the so-called media filter. This banner ad is running at the New Bern Sun Journal, a right-wing rag in the Freedom newspaper chain. The link associated with the image is mine, of course.

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