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He that is the author of a war lets loose the whole contagion of hell and opens a vein that bleeds a nation to death.

Thomas Paine


Obama anger runs deep

Obama anger runs deep. I was sitting with friends at a local Chapel Hill cafe this morning when a man walked over to the communal newspapers and ripped out the picture of the President that was on the front page. He glared at us while doing so, as if to dare us to challenge him.

He took the picture with him as he went back to his seat to say grace over his breakfast.

We wondered what he would have done had we challenged him and whether or not he had a concealed carry permit.


US, Russia call on Syria to put chemical weapons under international control; Syria agrees

from Daily Kos this morning:

Syria welcomes Russia's proposal for Damascus to put its chemical weapons under international control: Foreign Minister Walid Al-Moualem
— @Reuters

read more from US and Russia on Syria's chemical weapons here.

UPDATE: more from NBC News and MSNBC now on Syria. H. Clinton to do interview. More at 5pm on MSNBC

ALERT: Hillary Clinton makes first public comments on Syria at 1pET. WATCH LIVE: http://nbcnews.to/15M1y70 More on #edshow at 5pET on @msnbc!

Why The GOP Deserved To Lose

Excuse us on the Left for still feeling drunk with glee about the election. We view this as a classic Good Vs. Evil story and we were the good guys. For instance: We didn’t say your guy was lying about his religion or his place of birth. We didn’t say “DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD” and offer no alternative for poor women seeking healthcare screenings. We didn’t yell “Repeal Obamacare and offer no alternative for people without health care coverage to be cared for. We didn’t look the other way when our side refused to pass any job bills and then blame President Obama’s “POLICIES” for the unemployment rate.

Tim Tyson weighs in

Lifted from a comment on another thread:

The WRAL poll that said only 87 per cent of African American voters supported President Obama was as silly as the stories in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, PBS News Hour and NPR, among others, that asserted that black voters in North Carolina were deserting the president over the marriage equality issue. James Protzman was mistaken, too, that the Times story cut to the heart of the election in North Carolina. All of these narratives were rooted merely in what the authors "knew" that they knew without actually doing real research; the poll, of course, did involve research--really badly flawed research. I will never even bother to read another WRAL poll.

The real story

Shrewd politicos in North Carolina knew certain things. For example, African American registration was much higher than in 2008. It certainly looked like turnout would be up, too, and it was. Early voting quickly made it clear that this would be the case; as I called around to check with friends about how things were going, everyone noted the long lines at early voting sites, lines that were sometimes nearly all-black and nearly always heavily black. To go to such places and walk up the line saying hello to people was to realize that none of these people were standing in line to vote for Mitt Romney.

Marriage on the ballot on both coasts and places in between

Several states have marriage on the ballot, several of these races are close, and it may be our first victory with marriage at the ballot box (not that civil rights should be voted on). The President has come out on the side of equality in each of these states, and Romney is supporting a federal marriage discrimination amendment. It's hard to imagine a starker difference.

Some black voters say they are conflicted this year

Maybe some white voters too?

Despite a few absurd sentences like the one above, this New York Times article gets to the heart of the presidential race in North Carolina.


Now is the time to talk to your republican friends and family and tell them you hope that if they get what they want...

You hope they get it good and hard! And, you know what, if Romney is elected, they will get it good and hard because of the funding cuts for Medicare and Medicaid. Somewhere in their families there is a disabled child receiving SSDI, or a parent or grandparent in a nursing home paid for by Medicaid...and a lot of that will GO AWAY.

New OFA Ad Running in North Carolina

Obama for America today released a new television advertisement called “Jobs” that asks Americans to join the President in calling on Congress to pass his commonsense bipartisan plan to create jobs now as we continue to recover from the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and rebuild an economy that's meant to last. Its running here in North Carolina.

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