Parent Trigger

Echoes of ALEC in Berger's speech

The dismantling of public schools continues:

We began the long process of retooling our public education system, to make it more focused on delivering positive results for our children...We will never back down from the effort to reform our public schools. No child should be forced to attend a failing school.

We've discussed ALEC's "Parent Trigger" before, but the group actually has several different cookie-cutter bills designed to shift resources from public schools to private. The tone and choice of Berger's words led me to this one, a roadmap for declaring schools educationally bankrupt:

Pat McCrory, Jeb Bush, and the "Parent Trigger"

In which I attempt to read the tea leaves on the next chapter in the GOP's assault on public schools:

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will headline an April 30 fundraiser for Republican gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory at the Angus Barn in Raleigh, the McCrory campaign confirmed today. Gov. Bush is one of the reform experts in the country on education and Pat's been in touch with him on that subject,” Nick said.

Before I continue, an observation: Too often NC Democrats assume a posture of "waiting to see" what Republicans will do, which also leads to "reacting". And reacting poorly, more often than not. There are forces at work here that thrive on that lack of proactivity, and that posture must change. Climbing back down from my high horse:

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