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Rebuild the NCDP

Over the past two years, Democrats have suffered from significant losses, including losing majorities in the state house, congressional seats, and both the Governor and Lt. Governor races.

Where some see devastation and fear the loss of influence that has sent transactional donors to the new power brokers in the General Assembly and the Governor's Mansion, I see opportunity.

Chris Telesca announces run to fill an upcoming vacancy for 1st Vice Chair of the Wake County Democratic Party

My name is Chris Telesca, and I am currently a precinct Chair, SEC member, current District Coordinator and former House District Coordinator in the Wake County Democratic Party.

It's no secret that current 1st Vice Chair Lindy Brown is going to file to run for the NC House in what is already a contested primary. She announced she'll eventually resign at tonight's Wake Dems District Coordinator meeting. So I am hereby announcing my candidacy for 1st Vice Chair of the Wake County Democratic Party. I am asking for your vote whenever our county party schedules the election for that office. It might be in mid to late March, or it might not be until the April County Convention.

Some folks are concerned about Section 2.03 of the NCDP Plan of Organization. It requires the first vice chair must be of the opposite gender of the chair - except when filing a vacancy for an unexpired term. So my gender is not a problem.

Why isn't Obama trying to build up the Democratic Party with his 3-million volunteers?

It's great that the Obama campaign managers built a political machine partially by poaching volunteers and officers of local Democratic party organizations. We had elected precinct chairs claim they didn't have time to do the few things we ask of them - namely organize an election day team for their precincts - because they had to make calls and knock on doors for the Obama campaign. Of course the weird thing is - the state party told us that was the county's responsibility even though they were making excuses for the Obama campaign poaching our volunteers.

Democrats in July: Action Items

It's a little more than a month until the Democratic National Convention and almost four months until the November election. It's time to put on the sunscreen, get some bottled water, put on some nice comfortable, cotton clothes, and get to work! Here's a few action items to get your thoughts going on a summer to-do list.

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