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NC legislature's agenda for higher ed reform

Since the NC legislature seems to be taking its marching orders from Art Pope's various and sundry foundations and "think" tanks, it always pays to keep an eye on what they're up to.

NC Policy Watch has a post containing a presentation that the Pope Center for Higher Education made at the annual gathering of the State Policy Network.

Expect these themes to emerge in the next legislative session or in discussions in the McCrory administration in coming months.

Notable among Shaw’s remarks include “there’s a lot of fat in higher ed budgets,” and that good policies are “frustrated by leftwing faculty.”

Asshat of the week

Back by popular demand, our weekly report on sublime idiocy in search of a justification for its existence. The Pope Center for Higher Education.

“While we congratulate the president on his victory, conservatives are asking themselves why he won. One reason is our universities."

Of course the main reason is that the GOP candidate was an unscrupulous vulture capitalist who got rich by inheriting millions and exploiting poor people. Just like the Puppetmaster! Doesn't it make you feel good to know that these assholes are slowly taking charge of the UNC system?

Stand up to Art Pope's Influence in Higher Education

Last week Art Pope was appointed by the UNC Board of Governors, the body that oversees NC's public university system, to the UNC Advisory Committee on Strategic Directions, which decides spending and academic priorities for the UNC system for the next 5 years. Joining Pope on this committee are a number of conservative political leaders, many of whom are strong allies of the Pope empire.

Big money influence has been disastrous in our political process, and now it is infiltrating higher education here in North Carolina. Stand up against the Pope network of hard-line conservative organizations and politicians who aim to move the state backwards. This Thursday (Sept. 27) at 11am, join NC State students and supporters of higher education by picketing Art Pope's speaking event at the Doubletree Hotel (1707 Hillsborough Street,Raleigh)

Art Pope's track record and intent is clear- he wants to cut budgets, raise tuition, and attack programs like Women's studies and African-American studies. Pope's past donations to higher education show that he is interested only in his own agenda, and not promoting a diverse educational system. For more information on Art Pope, see this flyer by Democracy NC.

RSVP to the event on Facebook and spread the word: Art Pope, hands off our higher education!

See Jane Whine. Again.

A little while ago, I observed that Ms. Jane Shaw, the emerging queen of the Art Pope Puppetshow, had worked herself into a swivet because the mean old faculty at NSCU didn't want the University to take any more of the Puppetmaster's money. Well Ms. Shaw has now taken her case to the Independent, where they've printed her full-fledged defense of the Pope Center for Higher Education.

Shaw's blow-by-blow reporting of all the good and wonderful things about her organization is endearing and admirable. But it doesn't mean squat. Because in the minutia of her defense, the misses the rotten forest for the spindly trees. As I wrote in my first review:

Ms. Shaw appears truly confused as to why professors would dare to question the motives and challenge the integrity of the organization she recently joined. In the face of such confusion, I daresay the new Puppet didn't complete the level of due diligence she should have

What's more surprising to me is that the Independent allowed this commentary by Shaw in the first place. Maybe they needed some filler.

See Jane Whine

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There's a new Puppet lurking in the halls of the Art Pope Puppetshow. Her name is Jane Shaw, and her credentials place her among the upper crust of free-market fundamentalists. With a career spent extolling the virtues of private enterprise (though never actually running a business), it's surprising that she landed in the Pope Center for Higher Education instead of the John Locke Foundation itself. She's infinitely more suited than Stagemanager Hood to be running the whole shooting match for the Puppetmaster. But that's another story.

This week Ms. Shaw slips into her whiniest self over the latest dust-up between the mean old faculty at NC State and Art Pope. As you may recall, a number of NC State professors recently complained about a planned deal between the Puppetmaster and the school. Mr. Pope wanted to buy himself his own private curriculum and the faculty, understandably, has said "no thanks." Now Jane Shaw is accusing the faculty of having a political agenda! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!


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Among all the sideshows funded by Art "the Puppetmaster" Pope, one of the least appealing is the so-called Pope Center for Higher Education. Like the rest of the many-ringed circus, the Pope Center is a haven for people whose facts never get in the way of their ideology.

One amateur Puppet sent a letter to my wife today (anonymously, of course) that violates all decency. The correspondence came following a letter-to-the-editor she sent to the News and Observer when ABC was promoting its hit-piece on Clinton (Path to 9/11). Here's the opening:

I have read with interest your letter to editor in the N&O. I, too, am dismayed and angry ...

A target-rich environment

If you dare to enter the treasure trove of North Carolina Wingnuts you’ll find – as we say in the military – a target-rich environment. Especially at the Pope-a-dope Center, where ideology trumps intellect at every juncture . . . and liberal thinking is the source of all evil. Take George Leaf, for example (please!) and his dazzling insights on public education.

First the breathtaking generalization to obscure reality and truth:

Today, your typical high school graduate believes that school is just a rather boring, obligatory use of his time that is tolerable only because it leads to the paper credentials necessary to unlock the door to high-paying employment. Put a lot of young people with that attitude in a classroom and a professor has little choice but to water down the material and make sure he keeps the kids entertained.

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