Pope McCrory

An open letter to Pope McCrory

Dear Governor-elect McCrory,

Much has been made of the avalanche of job postings last week coming out of your transition team. A treasure trove indeed. But with all due respect, would you please explain why you're filling any of those positions?

Executive chef? Are you kiddin' me? Chief Deputy III? What the hell is that? Attorney? Really?

It's time to put up or shut up, sir. Cut spending and make state government smaller by NOT filling a single one of these advertised positions. Not now. Not ever. Because according to your rhetoric, these jobs are costing We the People millions of dollars and producing nothing of value. They are, after all, jobs that will be filled with public-sector slackers.

If you had a shred of integrity, you'd cancel every one of these postings and make do with less. You'd fix your own goddamn meals, just like millions of other North Carolinians do.

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