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HB 451, Elections Omnibus

"Save Early Voting" Press Conference
Monday, April 1st - 10:30 am
North Carolina General Assembly
Jones Street, Raleigh, NC

UPDATE from WNCN news in Raleigh today:
Progress North Carolina led a news conference Monday at the Legislative Building to oppose bills last week to reduce 2½ weeks of in-person early voting by one week. One of the bills would bar Sunday voting.
Read more and view video here:

"Come stand with your fellow citizens, teachers, former election officials and others as they call attention to the devastating consequences of bills pending in the NCGA to cut early voting in half and make other changes to our elections rules that make it extraordinarily difficult for people to vote."

Join us in Raleigh on Saturday, February 9th for HKonJ

Friends -- as the far right steamrolls over our state, it is more important than ever for us to show the world that not all of North Carolina is a reactionary backwater intent on living in the 1950's. This coming Saturday is a great opportunity to come together and take a stand: please, join Progress NC and many other groups (some posting here) as we support our brothers and sisters at the NAACP in this year's HKonJ march to the General Assembly. This is the year to show our strength! To join us, just show up at Shaw University in Raleigh on February 9th and look for the Progress NC banner. Trust us: you'll have a great time and you *will* feel your power. Complete flyer after the jump.

Gerrick Brenner explores McCrory's unethical connections

Creating a new paradigm in pay-to-play politics:

The Foundation for North Carolina can take unlimited donations and legally does not have to disclose its donors. Gov. McCrory’s association with such an entity designed specifically for his benefit is a gaping loophole for corporations and lobbyists to circumvent campaign finance law. The potential for pay-to-play and conflicts of interests is staggering.

After witnessing McCrory's 2011 non-campaign campaign, in which he toured the state raking in speaker's fees and God knows what other forms of income, this Foundation gimmick comes as no surprise. What is a surprise is how casually the mainstream media has approached this issue. Back in the day, tons of money from unknown sources collected for vague reasons used to be a flag for reporters that corruption might be present, but today? Nary an eyebrow raised.

Join us in Raleigh for Saturday's Pay-To-Play Pat Sidewalk Ball protest!

Rather than getting rid of the patronage system and the good ole boy network like he promised during his campaign, NC's new Governor Pat McCrory has elevated pay-to-play politics to a whole new level. See the details at

That's why a number of progressive and good government groups are pushing back by staging a rally outside one of the political fundraising events McCrory has lent his name to. Join us on Saturday, January 12 from 6 PM to 7 PM at 500 South Salisbury Street, outside an inaugural ball sponsored by the political group, the Foundation for North Carolina (F-NC). We want to send a message to the media and to the public: not everyone in North Carolina believes in pay-to-play politics! How bad is it? F-NC is currently selling memberships for $50,00 and $25,000 -- with members getting to meet with McCrory behind closed doors to discuss policy as just one membership benefit. More details, including resources you can share to help publicize the event, after the jump.

Pat McCrory: breaking his campaign promises in record time

Although Pat McCrory campaigned as a "political outsider" who would root out special interests and reject "business as usual," the truth is this: before he even took office, McCrory had broken his campaign promises and surrounded himself with veterans of the good ole boy network.

Progress North Carolina has set up a special website to catalogue the proof of this. Please share our new accountability website graphics with others so people understand: we need to watch this guy closely. See the website here. Or you can review its contents after the jump.

Within days of winning the election, Pat McCrory broke his campaign promise to keep special interests out of state government. He has surrounded himself with veterans of the good ole boy network and plunged headlong into conflicts of interest unbecoming of our state’s highest office.

Latest AFP/Civitas tour to be fueled by Tea Party hot air

In perhaps the most audacious attempt yet to turn a pile of happy horseshit into gold, Americans For Prosperity and the Civitas Institute are sponsoring a "Real Solutions" tour next week in an attempt to convince people that their deep budget cuts to education are *good* for North Carolina. Help us nip this insanity in the bud: please take a look at the tour stops in the article below and if you would like to get more involved in setting the record straight when they come near you, drop me a line: katymunger @ We need to talk ... thank you!

(more after the jump)

N.C. Real Solutions Coming To a Town Near You

Slow down fracking rally tomorrow in Chapel Hill -- join us!

Light 'Em Up and Slow 'Em Down Rally! Help us throw cold water on support for fracking in NC! Join Progress NC and our Sierra Club and NC Conservation Network allies on Tuesday, March 27th starting about 5:00 PM for a rally before a Chapel Hill town hall on fracking.

Fracking Rally & Town Hall
Tuesday, March 27, 2012
East Chapel Hill High School
500 Weaver Dairy Rd. Chapel Hill, NC

More background after the jump on why NC has nothing to lose if we SLOW DOWN:

Protest in Lewisville This Wednesday Evening: Join Us!

Trying to privatize and limit eligibility for Pre-K... denying there is poverty in NC... kicking peaceful protesters out of public areas in the General Assembly because they disagree with GOP policies.... failing to disclose conflicts of interests on campaign finance reports... surprise 1 AM votes to target teachers simply for political payback... wasting time on far right social agenda bills instead of tackling North Carolina's real problems... there are plenty of reasons why you should join us at a rally in Lewisville this Wednesday evening and let NC House Speaker Thom Tillis know that, under his watch, NC's government has spun out-of-control!

Join Progress North Carolina at a rally in Lewisville on Wednesday, March 7th at 4:30 PM to bring attention to the GOP's continuing assault on public education and the democratic process. Details on when and where inside...

Come rally with me late Friday afternoon and tell Tillis what you think

Good people of Blue NC, especially those of you near Asheboro or within a sane drive to Asheboro (I am talking about you Greensboro!) -- why not leave work early this Friday and join me and a bunch of other people unhappy with Thom Tillis and all he represents at a rally? We'll be gathering in Asheboro at 4 PM on Friday to protest the unconstitutional post-midnight legislative session called by GOP lawmakers last month as well as their ever more lousy public policies. It will be held right before House Speaker Thom Tillis’s town hall (see details after the jump). A couple hours protesting and you can be on your way to a good weekend suffused with a sense of accomplishment -- plus we could meet in person and... there's nothing like a good protest rally to get the blood going!

ProgressNC seeking volunteers

Unless you've been hiding under a rock lately, you already know that the war is on for the heart and soul of North Carolina. One new force on the side of goodness is an organization called ProgressNC. If you haven't volunteered to help, now would be a good time to do just that. They're organizing a Rapid Response Team to support quick action and letter-writing campaigns. Please take a moment now to sign up.

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