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So much hypocrisy, so little time....

Jason Saine
Jason Saine

We added a real pair of winners to Hypocrisy NC yesterday and today: One of them doesn't believe in climate change because she doesn't think there's enough evidence to prove it... but has no problem believing in voter fraud with no evidence at all. The other is talking out of both sides of his mouth while simultaneously giving to for-profit schools what he has taken away from public schools. It's enough to make you wonder why more people don't call them on it. Find more NC Hypocrites at Large photos after the jump in case you want to Share them -- especially with people who live in their districts.

Fiscal Cliff Action in Raleigh on Monday, Dec. 31st at 2 PM

The fiscal cliff negotiations are coming down to the wire in Washington, D.C. – which means our country faces a choice of protecting working families and the middle class, or going over the "cliff" in order to save tax breaks for the very wealthy. On Monday, Congress will likely be voting on several proposals to protect middle class families – which means now is the time for us to make our voices heard in public and in the media.

Please join us on Monday, December 31 at 2 PM in Raleigh near the Fayetteville Street New Year's Eve acorn drop site.
We will be gathering to urge Congress to "not drop the ball on the middle class" in order to protect tax breaks for the wealthy. This will be a public media event (so turnout will be important). It will also be an opportunity to make calls to Congress and to educate the public about the choices facing our country.

A great tool for anyone to use to get out the early vote that remains:

Early Voting has begun in North Carolina – and that means every day is election day! That's why we’ve launched a new online tool that connects you with your Facebook friends who have not voted yet – and then helps you call them to ask them to vote early. You can also use it to call people you do not know who are progressive voters. Anyone can use this tool and it's free -- so if you've been working on your own or with others to get out the vote, feel free to use it and invite others to do the same. More after the jump, including the URL.

The real cost of the Romney/Ryan plan to NC: great resources to share!

The Center for American Progress Action Fund has released its comprehensive report on the real cost of the Romney/Ryan plan to North Carolinians and the news is not good. Seniors, students and middle-class families, in particular, all stand to lose big under this plan. For a look at the entire report, including sources, please visit To see a full-size version of a great summary graphic of the report's conclusions and to access downloads of this flyer that you can distribute plus the full report, please see after the jump.

I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours.

Join Progress NC Action and a number of our allies as we send a message to Pat McCrory right before NC's first gubernatorial debate tomorrow night: the people of North Carolina have a right to know who you have financial ties with and if it will affect your ability to represent our interests.

We're gathering across from the NC GOP headquarters in Raleigh at 1506 Hillsborough Street at noon on Wednesday, October 3rd to show our tax returns and demand that GOP gubernatorial Pat McCrory do the same. The rally will last half an hour. Please take part of your lunch hour to join us! If ever we had a chance to bring this issue into the mainstream news, it's tomorrow right before the debate. Details after the jump.

Bless his heart… he’s dead wrong.

"Talk about having your cake and wanting to eat it, too. McCrory wants to be able to attack someone else based on their financial information while still insisting that his own is not relevant."

North Carolina is known for its politeness. It’s part of our Southern charm. People are loathe to insult others to their faces or bring up uncomfortable topics in public. Even our state’s famed “bless her heart…” stealth attack is reserved for talking behind someone’s back. It’s a custom that helps us in social situations. But it doesn’t work so well when we’re choosing our leaders.

Unless you’re Pat McCrory.

Guess McCrory's income and win a prize!

As most of you are aware, NC voters do not know who is paying gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory, nor how much he is being paid. We do know he has income streams from his lobbying firm and his brother's consulting company. He is also receiving salaries and stock options from sitting on various corporate boards. However, what special interests may be paying him -- and how much -- remains unknown, casting doubt on his ability to represent the people's interests as Governor of North Carolina. That's why Progress NC Action is calling on him to release his tax returns and client list. Help us turn up the pressure by filling out our new survey on McCrory's income and you might win a prize....

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