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Decker on the record: CEO will be non-political

Wanted: successful entrepreneur who lives in a cave:

I want a C-suite executive, someone who knows how to manage an operation, particularly someone who has done a startup or turnaround. Because a startup is what it is. Secondly, someone who’s passionate about North Carolina.

I’ve looked at some candidates from outside of the state, but in this initial assignment, it needs to be someone who understands the culture and some of the change we’re going through. I also want someone who has not been engaged in the political process.

Bolding mine, but it may not be as bold a statement as it seems. Here's a question that should tickle your conspiracy theorist bone if you have one: if we're not allowed to know the identity of the donors to McCrory's Renew North Carolina Foundation shadow businessmen association, which has been running hundreds of thousands in television commercials supporting the Governor, how are we to know if Decker's eventual choice for CEO isn't one of these men? The answer: we won't. More promises:

Raleigh's water rustlers, or, isn't It a Shane?

It has come to my attention that Buncombe County’s range war has gone largely unnoticed outside the region. Well, better saddle up, partners. Your town is next. For those who don’t have time for deep reading, here’s the story in a nutshell. It's a complicated story I don't fully grasp myself, so excuse the editorializing and lack of complete detail, but you need to know:

Raleigh is acting like rich, cattle barons.
They want our water rights.
They offer pennies on the dollar.
If we refuse, their henchmen take it by force.

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