Rep. Brad Miller

Tribute to Congressman Brad Miller

The average IQ in the House is about to drop a little:

In Congress, Miller played a significant role in legislation related to economic recovery (he had graduate studies in economics as well as a law degree) and predatory mortgages. In any issue in which he became involved, Miller studied carefully and by the time he entered the debate, he knew what he was talking about.

You got that right. The first time I saw Brad on C-SPAN he was grilling some dude from AIG (I think it was), and the poor guy drained a whole carafe of ice water trying to replace the sweat. The thing is, he didn't bark and growl like some of his pompous colleagues; when you know your stuff, you don't have to. Here's just a glimpse of what we're losing:

Rep. Brad Miller speaks out for Lejeune families

Serving a country that poisons you:

Democratic Rep. Brad Miller said Tuesday on the House floor that the Janey Ensminger Act provides some measure of justice for those harmed by the water. The bill his named for a girl who died of leukemia at age 9. Her father, retired Marine Jerry Ensminger, has led the fight to get care for those suffering.

It's a heartbreaker, but you really need to hear Jerry Ensminger's story to understand what these families have endured.

Why we need to keep Brad Miller in Congress

Hat tip to Mark Binker:

“It’s hard to believe that just a decade ago Congress was debating what to do about the surplus. I opposed the irresponsible tax cuts of the last decade that created the deficit. Congress cut the taxes on the richest Americans by more than a third, and now working and middle-class families will suffer as a result.”

He's right, of course, but the truth doesn't get much mileage in today's political environment. Which is why I'm putting this on the front page, and why I'm going to be asking Progressives to put their money where their mouth is in the upcoming election. Brad has fought for us, and now it's our turn to fight for him.

I'll help you move, Brad

Hopefully he doesn't have a piano:

According to Miller, he'd only need to move 50 yards or so to be back in the 13th. He says Republicans split Raleigh voting precinct 36 "to shave off the apartment complex where I live. The rest of the precinct is still in 13. My apartment complex is in 4."

Even if you do have a piano, I'll help you move. I'll just trick a couple of Republicans into giving a hand when it comes to the stairs and such.

The real reason Brad Miller's being targeted?

Maybe it's because he's actually been doing his job:

"There's a reason they want me out," Miller said. "I've been a pretty effective advocate too." If I needed proof, he said, I should ask Warren.

The next day, I did ask, and Warren responded with a wholehearted endorsement: "Brad has a long and deep history" with banking and consumer-protection issues, she declared, and "sees the side that families live back home."

Which (of course) scares the bejesus out of the moneylenders in the temple:

And Vernon Robinson makes three

Forget about sharks; these guys are like hyenas:

Former Winston-Salem city councilman Vernon Robinson announced Wednesday he would run for the 13th District seat he sought unsuccessfully five years ago. Robinson lost by nearly a two-to-one margin to incumbent Democratic Rep. Brad Miller and suggested then he may not seek elected office again.

If you think this is shaping up to be a fiasco, wait until the Guilford/Forsyth GOP leadership gets done flipping their coins and begins the not-so-subtle character assassination.

Another challenger for Brad Miller?

Republican sharks are circling the 13th District:

Rockingham District Attorney Phil Berger, Jr. says he’s “thinking about” challenging incumbent Democrat Brad Miller in the 13th congressional district next year. “It’s an interesting opportunity. Timing in life is so important, and these opportunities don’t come around all the time.”

It's not "opportunity knocking" when your dad is in charge of the entity that creates your opportunity, it's called "nepotism".

Rep. Brad Miller high on list of likely redistricting victims

Things aren’t looking too good for Representative Brad Miller’s reelection. Over the weekend, The Washington Post listed Miller as the second most likely congressperson to be drawn out of a job.

2. Brad Miller (D-N.C.): Ten years ago, as a state senator, Miller helped draw the lines for his own district. Even Democrats admit it’s a pretty blatant gerrymander. Now that Republicans control the process, it will be easy for them to get revenge by cutting off the the skinny fingers where his district reaches into Democratic territory in Raleigh and Greensboro. Such a change would shift the district instantly into a pretty strong Republican seat. Republicans aim to pick off two or three seats in North Carolina, and none should be easier than Miller’s.

RCCC attacking Brad Miller already

Taking advantage of high gas prices to mislead voters via robocalls:

“Hello. I’m calling from the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee. Feeling the pain at the pump every time you fill up your tank? Well you should know that your congressman Brad Miller is supporting policies that could raise gas prices even more. Miller is still detached from the realities of all families in North Carolina forced to pay more than $3.50 a gallon.

If Congressional Republicans had half the intelligence and one tenth the integrity of Representative Miller, this recession wouldn't have happened in the first place.

Thanks for nothing, Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC

This morning I received my package for 2010 from BCBS of NC. I had hopes because of what is going on in the congress. My premium has gone up 40%. All of my co-pays have doubled at a minimum. Some things that had no co-pay are now $100 or 20% of the bill. I think I am going to throw up. BCBS, where is your argument for no public option?

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