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Clay for North Carolina NC2 & Lisa Baker (NC 36) listen & discuss policy with open minded GOP & unaffiliated voters

As a busy, but aware and concerned mom living in NC, I have my heart in many good and continued awareness initiatives this year.

2014 being one of the most important mid term elections since 2010 where we have the ability to make it a turning point to come together with common ground, because in one way or another all policy being passed effects all families. It was not too long ago where I was a voting Republican by virtue of being raised in an active, but moderate GOP public school household.

Congressional candidate Crisco dead

It's being reported on Twitter, but WRAL has the full story - Keith Crisco, who was Clay Aiken's opponent for the Democratic nomination in Congressional District 2, died in a fall at his home today. Crisco was trailing Aiken by 369 votes in the primary.

"This is a shocking day," Crone said. "I have known Keith for nearly 30 years and consider him a good friend. He has done a great deal for his community and his state. I will miss his insights and his wry sense of humor and his keen mind for math and statistics."

Renee Ellmers paints herself into a corner

The vile liar Renee Ellmers has been on a rampage against Obamacare. She's one of the ones who voted against it 42 times, and she's been speaking on the House floor, going on TV, tweeting, facebooking and everything else she can to try to get people to believe that Obamacare is the apocalypse. Nearly everything she says is a pack of lies, but we've come to expect that from Lying Renee.

But the law of unintended consequences has just roosted on Renee's doorstep. Apparently somebody (Ted Cruz?) marshalled a bunch of the really, really crazy right-wing nut jobs (you know, the ones who want to primary anyone who had the nerve to re-open the federal government), and some of them are piling on Renee.

It seems that they've called Renee's bluff, and advised her that she is now expected to repeal Obamacare or else they'll find someone who will.

NC's hapless GOP Congressional delegation

Striving to achieve extremist status:

U.S. Reps. Renee Ellmers and Robert Pittenger, both Republicans, predicted the current political and fiscal mess and tried to tell their constituents that defunding the health care law by halting government operations was a bad idea. But then they voted for the shutdown anyway, facing intense pressure from conservative groups.

During a town hall meeting at Queens University in Charlotte during the August recess, Pittenger sought to warn the public of the risks of trying to defund the health care act by tying it to a spending bill. He said he’d vote against it, triggering an intense backlash. Video of the exchange was posted online by a tea party group. Pittenger eventually voted for the measure.

In both cases, it appears the freshman Republicans put their own political careers ahead of the people they were elected to represent. With Pittenger it was fear of the Tea Party nut-jobs, and with Ellmers it was fear of a well-financed primary challenger:

Ellmers uses lies and misdirection to cover her shutdown tracks

Whining about a bill she voted for:

"This was signed into law by President Obama and has been in effect since Monday, yet the president is refusing to enforce it. Therefore, these Fort Bragg furloughs should not be occurring," Ellmers, a Republican in the 2nd Congressional District, said in written statement.

"Here we have a situation where I have needless, needless suffering happening in my district," Ellmers said on the floor of the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

The problem is, the bill you pushed is not a budget bill, it was merely an effort on your and your knuckleheaded colleagues' part to deflect political damage from your irresponsible behavior. The bill doesn't say "pay everyone", it directs the SecDef to pick and choose:

Ellmers: "I need my paycheck"

Rep. Renee Ellmers is keeping her pay during the government shutdown that she helped to cause.

“The thing of it is, I need my paycheck. That is the bottom line,” Ellmers told WTVD, the Raleigh ABC station Wednesday.

Yeah, Renee, 800,000 other people you've put out of work need their paychecks too, including your staff, the folks at NASA, CDC and many others.

It boggles the mind that anyone can be so hypocritical and insensitive. You're a vile waste of protoplasm, Renee.

Shame on you Renee.

Rep. Renee Ellmers on MSNBC Thursday

NC's own Renee Ellmers on MSNBC tonight:

Rep. Renee Ellmers ‏@RepReneeEllmers

WATCH @AllinwithChris on MSNBC at 8 pm. I'll discuss #Obamacare and @RepublicanStudy American Health Care Reform Act.


Thursday night on All In with Chris Hayes: House Republicans are holding America’s economic future hostage, and now they have written a ransom note with their demands. According to a wish list circulating around the capitol, House GOPers want a delay in implementing Obamacare, cuts to public health programs, approval for the Keystone XL pipeline, and a slew of other conservative reforms Democrats are unlikely to embrace, in exchange for a debt ceiling increase.

Senator Hagan leads GOP field by double digits

'Hagan leads GOP field by double digits' from PPP

“North Carolinians continue to be closely divided on Kay Hagan,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “But she’ll get a break if she can run against the leadership of an extremely unpopular GOP legislature.”

Raleigh, N.C.— The unpopularity of the North Carolina General Assembly may be starting to take a toll on the Republican Party’s chances of ousting freshman Sen. Kay Hagan next fall. Last month, she led eight Republicans tested against her by margins of only four to nine points. In this month’s poll, that has shot up an average of six points.

Renee Ellmers: Pants on Fire

Be forewarned that the lie density of this email from U.S. Rep. Renee "Pants on Fire" Ellmers is so high that it can induce severe nausea.

Virtually every item she includes in her propaganda piece is a nauseating lie, or at least (charitably) a disingenuous casting of aspersions on others for things that are her fault (also known as a lie).

Let's hope she challenges Tillis in the GOP primary for the US Senate race. Neither is fit to hold office, and both have no regard for truth or ethics. It would be a blast to watch them fight it out using their sleazy tactics.

Ellmers. Pants. Ablaze.

The Jesse Helms building-naming controversy

This makes way too much sense to be part of a nonsensical issue:

But a U.S. courthouse? Named for the man who made a sport of blocking qualified nominees from serving on the federal courts? Say it isn’t so. For the last decade or so of his Senate career, Helms blocked every single nominee from North Carolina to the Fourth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, as well as many slated for the U.S. district bench.

What makes even less sense is why Renee Ellmers would reanimate this embarassing and divisive issue now, when there are a lot more important fish to fry. She's either trying to build cred with the wrong crowd, or she's being manipulated by elements who want to divide us even more. Whatever the case, here's a few words from the "for" camp:

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