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Tuesday Twitter roundup

Once again, the dreaded "R" word comes into play:

His chamber's a star chamber, where the elite decide who to punish.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Since I'm in the mood for a distraction from politics:

You know, unless you actually feed the poor creatures sweet, juicy peaches their entire sad lives, I'll stick with my peppery vinegary stuff, thank you very much.

N&O publishes pseudo-scientific attack on Obamacare

Feeding the fear-mongering machine:

In May, I released a comprehensive study showing how the Affordable Care Act – otherwise known as Obamacare – will likely play out in North Carolina over the next few years. The diagnosis isn’t good.

First, the short version. In two years, the ACA’s structural problems will lead to substantial premium increases. Once that happens, North Carolinians will likely leave the insurance market in droves. They’ll have little choice – they won’t be able to afford health insurance because federal subsidies won’t keep up with the rapid price increases. Within a decade, this could swell the ranks of the state’s uninsured by 57 percent.

It was either an oversight related to poor vetting on the part of the N&O's editorial staff, or an outright attempt to deceive their readership, but they failed to note this "doctor" was a PhD, as opposed to an MD. I don't usually quibble over that, because I have a lot of respect for PhDs. But when an article is related to medicine, the difference between the two is night and oranges. You don't allow those particular wires to be crossed, even when you're discussing economics. And this cookie-cutter article is appearing in other battleground states as well, proving that politics is behind the propaganda:

Tillis hones his IRS and BenghaziCare skills

Jumping on the meme bandwagon:

“The Obama administration and Kay Hagan have shown a complete lack of willingness to get the bottom of this scandal to determine whether or not Americans were targeted for their political beliefs,” said Tillis. “The IRS’ excuse that it conveniently lost emails that were subpoenaed by Congress is simply outrageous, and yet Kay Hagan continues to provide President Obama with political cover, once again failing to hold him accountable. The American people deserve the truth, and it’s time for a special prosecutor to be appointed to investigate.”

Speaking of e-mails, Thommy, what about all those back-and-forth communications related to the NC GOP's voter suppression efforts during gerrymandering season? Your IRS accusation has already been proven false after an in-depth perusal of the records, but investigations into the GOP here in NC have been stymied by claims of privilege and immunity. Give up all of those e-mails, and then you can bitch about the IRS.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Be careful what you ask for:

David, I'd say this sums up my reaction:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

This one deserves rescuing:

His history of race-based prejudicial behavior makes him one of the worst possible nominees for the job:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Fear and loathing under the Dome:

"I bet that one right there is a Communist."
"They're all Communists, Cecil."
"But that one right there is especially a Communist."

Don't mess with NC's filmmakers

They can make you or break you:

NC FILM CREWS: BOYCOTT GOP ADS from The Bully Documentary Co on Vimeo.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

What should be a top priority for Dems:

Digging a little deeper into this inequity:

NC GOP sends mixed messages on gambling

We were against it before we were for it:

Just before approving the party platform Saturday, Republican delegates voted to soften the language on gambling, meeting a floor above the pit where machines chimed and dice rolled.

The platform statement against it – “we oppose gambling, including the state lottery” – was amended to include a phrase affirming “the rights of the individual” to gamble.

It spurred a brief floor fight as the delegate that proposed the amendment lauded the casino’s economic boost for the area, saying “for us to make a platform that kills jobs is against our Republican way of life.”

Republicans have truly run out of ideas, if they ever had any, that is. The jobs created by the casino can't hold a candle to the horrific suffering of the families dealing with chronic gamblers. But since the word "suffering" isn't included in the free market dictionary, the subject is off limits.

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