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Tuesday Twitter roundup

This one deserves rescuing:

His history of race-based prejudicial behavior makes him one of the worst possible nominees for the job:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Fear and loathing under the Dome:

"I bet that one right there is a Communist."
"They're all Communists, Cecil."
"But that one right there is especially a Communist."

Don't mess with NC's filmmakers

They can make you or break you:

NC FILM CREWS: BOYCOTT GOP ADS from The Bully Documentary Co on Vimeo.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

What should be a top priority for Dems:

Digging a little deeper into this inequity:

NC GOP sends mixed messages on gambling

We were against it before we were for it:

Just before approving the party platform Saturday, Republican delegates voted to soften the language on gambling, meeting a floor above the pit where machines chimed and dice rolled.

The platform statement against it – “we oppose gambling, including the state lottery” – was amended to include a phrase affirming “the rights of the individual” to gamble.

It spurred a brief floor fight as the delegate that proposed the amendment lauded the casino’s economic boost for the area, saying “for us to make a platform that kills jobs is against our Republican way of life.”

Republicans have truly run out of ideas, if they ever had any, that is. The jobs created by the casino can't hold a candle to the horrific suffering of the families dealing with chronic gamblers. But since the word "suffering" isn't included in the free market dictionary, the subject is off limits.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start with a little hoof-in-mouth disease:

Since you brought up that number, how about the 500,000 people who will avoid going to the doctor until it's too late because you and your colleagues refused to expand Medicaid? You want to act concerned about people's health, stand up in the NCGA and do the right thing.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

The truth shall set you free:

Yes, they have. And the example they set is spreading to other states, which scares the hell out of ALEC and the Koch Brothers.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start with a look at some quality governing:

Apparently a degree in computer science trumps all other degrees:

Republicans trying (again) to move SBI into McCrory's domain

Soon to be renamed the State Bureau of Irrelevance:

Republicans have a plan to shift the State Bureau of Investigation from the Attorney General’s office to the Governor’s office. They must want to ensure that it stays under Roy Cooper’s control.

From the Department of Motor Vehicles to the State Board of Elections to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to the mother of all debacles, the Department of Health and Human Resources, McCrory’s agencies have screwed up spectacularly and he’s either oblivious or incompetent. Despite lousy headlines, no one is held accountable and McCrory never admits mistakes. Everything is always just peachy in McCroryland.

Republicans are either clueless about what a move like this represents, or they're intentionally modeling their public policy approaches after tyrants and military juntas in the not-so-free world abroad. Side note: if you find someone being written a warning ticket by the Grammar Police distasteful, don't follow me below the fold:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Remembering a good man:

There's more to quality of life than just living:

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