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Tuesday Twitter roundup

And the $25 question of the day is:

Without using your Google, who's that other guy? Anyone? Bueller?

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Feeding the children should be at the top of everybody's list:

Chew on these numbers for a few minutes:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

One of the big questions from last night:

Either that or he was riding the white pony. And then there's the inevitable, embarrassing reaction from right-wingers:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Time for a friendly reminder:

Even though the courts have stepped in and reinstated out-of-precinct voting, it's still less than ideal. Unless I'm mistaken, those are cast as provisional votes, meaning the local BoE can give them a thumb's up (or down). Check your registration and fix it while you can.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

The GOP's bitter reaction to the NCAA's decision has already gone national:

Reading from the Book of Crazy:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

When you realize the Democrats are gaining momentum:

Many right-wing nutters already don't like him, and this should make their heads explode.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

The birth of the state government bully:

And it's no surprise the biological father was a corporate master:

McCrory's incompetence on display over Jaguar gaffe

Talk about a short attention span:

Gov. Pat McCrory tells the crowd about a secret meeting he had in England a year and a half ago with auto execs from Jaguar and Land Rover, where they took him to a pub in Stratford to “not talk business.”

“I don’t really drink at all, but I was taking a few sips and they were just downing it,” he says to laughter. And after several hours, they wanted to talk business – asking him why they shouldn’t move their jobs to Mexico. He realized the competition was no longer just Virginia, South Carolina and Tennessee. North Carolina is competing against the rest of the world, he says. And we ultimately lost that bid to Poland, he says.

The reason they were "just downing it" is because they were never really serious about building an auto manufacturing plant in North America. As usual, McCrory was just being used by more powerful people to help them get what they want. And if our Governor had been that interested in their final decision, he would know that Poland ended up losing the deal to Slovakia:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Bad government is bad enough:

But bad government that takes a cavalier approach to people's health is borderline criminal:


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