Republican idiocy

Tuesday Twitter roundup

The Budget outlook is not rosy:

Apparently many Dem Legislators have started suffering from Stockholm Syndrome:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Lamenting the death of the SolarBees:

And doing everything you can to stifle the Jordan Lake Rules...

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Some anti-gay skeletons in McCrory's closet:

It sure would have been helpful if this had come out in 2012:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Don't look now, but the GOP is about to slash the NC DOT workforce:

No doubt in preparation for another big tax cut for the wealthy. And when their Mercedes and Porsches get torn up from potholes, they will blame their local governments.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

The masters of hypocrisy:

There have been some 600+ Tweets on the ncpol hashtag in the last 24 hours, the vast majority referencing HB2. Here are just a handful of those:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

The cost of living in a feudalistic state:

Attempts to understand the situation are pointless:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Intended consequences:

If you're too old, or unattractive, or the wrong skin color, or sexually-oriented in the wrong direction, your services are no longer necessary.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Where Hulu treads, Netflix is sure to follow:

Cue the right-wingers to make some derogatory comment about the quality of streaming television vs old broadcast networks. And here's another biggie:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Paranoid Pat wails about the mean old media:

He really is an immature fist-clenching whiner. Hopefully the voters will finally see the little boy they put into office last time and send him home.


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