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NC Republican budget on the spin cycle

After using NC's teachers as pawns in the budget debate, the NC Republicans are now using them as a PR tool to hide facts about their budget. This is one of three posts on their Facebook page, all with the same talking point - the only talking point they have about the budget.

They've been spamming teachers and faculty in the UNC system, asking them to "Like" this photo and thank them for the raise. From what I've seen around my feed, the teachers aren't too happy being used as a Republican PR tool.

Tillis got his big boy pants on

Mother Jones has up some secretly recorded audio of Thom Tillis in an encounter with some TeaBagger activists who accused him of not being conservative enough in order to better his chances running against Kay Hagan.

Chairs slamming into tables, angry words and pouting ensue.

W-S Journal feature story on Republican gerrymandering

The Winston-Salem Journal has an in-depth front-page look at the Republican gerrymandering that has mucked up North Carolina's political landscape, including a helpful infographic.

The 2012 election should have been a good one for Democrats running for Congress in North Carolina.

They received a total of 2.2 million votes — about 81,000 more than their Republican opponents. But when those votes were divvied up among the state's 13 House districts, Democrats came up short. Way short.

Republicans won nine seats and Democrats only four.

Triad Conservative blog advises Senate candidates to avoid debates

The blog Triad Conservative is advising Republican candidates for Kay Hagan's Senate seat to avoid a debate being staged April 22nd and 23rd by Time Warner News and McClatchy. Because, really, who needs open debate in a free democracy when the Koch brothers and Karl Rove's American Crossroads are talking for you?

Greensboro News and Record editorial writer Doug Clark thinks the idea is as ridiculous as you do.

Meanwhile, Hagan is portraying herself as the voice of sanity in the Senate race.

GOP going all out crazy in the mountains of NC; worry about precious bodily fluids

Via Wautauga Watch, we learn that Boone's High Country Press has published resolutions passed by the Wautauga and Ashe County Republican parties last weekend at their annual conventions.

They're a little window into what devoted, rank and file Republicans are thinking in North Carolina. And the concerns they express are disturbing in what they say about how extreme - and paranoid - the right-wing has become in the state.

The Jefferson Post has a round-up of speakers at the Ashe GOP convention.

The Republican PAC filming everything Hagan and other Dem candidates say

Slate has a piece this morning about a Republican PAC funded by Matt Rhodes, the former campaign manager for Mitt Romney. America Rising is videotaping and collecting every public utterance by key Democratic candidates in senate and house races, part of an effort in "opposition research" by the party. They have a full-time staff of almost 50 people and have an expected budget of $10 to $15 million.

“Something in a research file now that doesn’t seem relevant may be relevant six months from now,” says Pounder. “The benefit of working on this full time, through the cycle, is that you’ll stay aware of it.”

The Pope speaks!

Not that Pope. This one.

Duke Magazine, a publication for alumni of the university, has a lengthy piece in the current issue written by journalist Barry Yeoman. The title says it all: "The End of Moderation? To some Duke professors and alumni, the NC legislature's recent rightward is a dismantling of Terry Sanford's legacy".

The article takes a close look at Sanford's vision for the state, pushing it from being a poor second-rate Southern backwater to one attractive to business, research, and innovation by tackling poor education, racial disparity, and poverty wages. And Yeoman looks at how Pope's stink tanks created the infrastructure to dismantle Sanford's work for North Carolina.

Since Pope is a Duke alum and has made some donations to the school, the magazine apparently felt compelled to devote another article to his response, "The Truth About Pope".

Tell the President Not to Cave

Please take a few minutes out of your day to email President Obama. Tell him not to give in to the bullying and lying by the Republican Party about the Affordable Health Care Act. These people are willing to shut down the government because of their irrational hatred of Barack Obama. Our soldiers won't be paid! Hardships on the poor and senior citizens has already been institutionalized.

Don't be fooled. This is no longer only about Tea Party Extremists. The Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, has just led his House Republicans to vote to delay Obamacare by one year.

It takes a special kind of selfishness to want to deny Americans access to health insurance coverage. Especially when those same Americans are paying for the health care of these very hypocrites.

R is for Royalist

The Republican Party is acting out one of those dreary murder ballads with America. You know the ones, where the rejected suitor declares, “If I can’t have you, then no one can!” Then he murders the woman to put her out of his misery.

America, how we loved ye!

The Republican-led U.S. House voted last week to throw 4 million Americans off the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps), largely on party lines. Then it voted 230-to-189 to shut down the government if Obamcare isn't defunded. Then Republicans threw a party.

At the National Review, Henry Olsen threw up his hands:

The conservative war on food stamps is the most baffling political move of the year. Conservatives have suffered for years from the stereotype that they are heartless Scrooge McDucks more concerned with our money than other people’s lives. Yet in this case, conservatives make the taking of food from the mouths of the genuinely hungry a top priority. What gives? And why are conservatives overlooking a far more egregious abuse of taxpayer dollars in the farm bill? [Emphasis by Jonathan Chait]

"It’s not baffling," writes Chait, nor a stereotype. "Indeed, it’s the only analysis that persuasively explains the facts."

Paul Krugman says it stamps is only one example

July 14, 2013
Hunger Games, U.S.A. - New York Times

Something terrible has happened to the soul of the Republican Party. We’ve gone beyond bad economic doctrine. We’ve even gone beyond selfishness and special interests. At this point we’re talking about a state of mind that takes positive glee in inflicting further suffering on the already miserable.

The occasion for these observations is, as you may have guessed, the monstrous farm bill the House passed last week.

For decades, farm bills have had two major pieces. One piece offers subsidies to farmers; the other offers nutritional aid to Americans in distress, mainly in the form of food stamps (these days officially known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP).

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