NCGOP and the Richter scale

The only thing worse than a failed "cause" are those that continue to support it. Whether it's puppets, puppeteers, the blind or voters, doom in this sense, has no emotion. And one of the greatest media channels which supports this theory are the daily tweets from the NCGOP.

A bachelor's degree in lottery from UNC

Impossible you say? I don't think so.

In my many years of watching crap ooze from Jones Street, I'd be remiss in thinking I've both seen and heard it all. From Neal Hunt-R and his 75 MPH (excessive speed) bill to the idiots who proposed tolling the majority of North Carolina's ferries, Jim Black-D still holds the record for the most self-righteous legislation in recent memory. Known as the "Payback My Optometrists' Friends Bill", Black proposed having mandating that every child in North Carolina, upon entering school, have an eye exam. Of course these exams would be given by the very same people that got Black elected in the first place; a sort of refilling of pockets previously emptied for political contributions. And as disingenuous as he was obvious, Black, just like his legislation, would soon go up in flames.

Latest from Lee: legal liability?

As Blue Lee reported previously, Lee County commissioners planned and then carried out a meeting that apparently violated NC's open meetings law.

Now a citizen has filed a lawsuit against the Lee County Commissioners.

A Lee County resident has sued the county Board of Commissioners over a public meeting he says was less open than required by the state's open meetings law.

Jay Calendine is an active member of the Lee County Democratic Party and one of those who initially raised objections to the county holding a public meeting in a gated community.

NY Times: NC Republicans passed "nation's most restrictive voting laws"

The NY Times has an overview of challenges facing the Democratic party in different states because of voting restrictions passed by Republicans. North Carolina is highlighted.

Will business and investment really be attracted to a state controlled by extremists that can't maintain their power in office without rigging the vote?

A Takedown of Carolina Journal's Convenient "Journalism"

Hot off the heels of getting a little love from NC Policy Watch during their Sunshine Week, The Rant has exposed the Carolina Journal's rather fraudulent story about tax fraud.

Carolina Journal has tried to dredge up fear of "Mexicans" and those with "Hispanic-sounding names," and has relied on one Lee County GOP activist named Martha Underwood for the crux of their convenient story. But, as The Rant shows, Underwood's story lacks proof, and a simple timeline of the events shows this story is, at best, questionable. Underwood's story unravels quickly with a few Google searches and access to a calendar.

Republican Lee Commissioners Ignore Illegal Meeting Warning

The Republican-led Lee County Board of Commissioners appear to have knowing broken the Open Meetings law, as shown by a recent article on The Rant. The commissioners were warned about the potential “liability”, via a staff memo, of having an official meeting in a gated community, but they carried on anyway. The meeting was obviously designed as an event solely for Republicans (including Republican candidates for various offices), but they conducted official business. The Rant has posted the memo and has also posted video of one citizen being turned away by a security guard from the event, clearly in violation of the law.

Lee Commissioners' Meeting: One gate, two guards, and an AFP gatekeeper

The Republican-led Lee County Board of Commissioners recently announced town-hall style meetings around the county. The problem is, their first meeting will be at the gated community Carolina Trace, which directly contradicts NC open meetings laws. When The Rant, a local blog, inquired about why this meeting was, essentially, closed to the public by virtue of its location, the Republicans took an interesting rightward turn to solve it.

Rather than move the location to an area outside the gates (as suggested by at least one Democratic commissioner), the meeting notice was changed to indicate that meeting attendees are to ask the guards at the gate to contact Lloyd Jennings, the “the founder of the Lee County Chapter of Americans for Prosperity.”

Rockingham County considers moving polling places out of schools

Via the Greensboro News and Record, the Rockingham County Board of Elections is considering a proposal to move polling places out of schools. The proposal would impact nine of the 15 voting sites in the county, including all in Reidsville. Critics notes that the move would cost $22,000 and that they wouldn't be able to find alternatives for all of the sites.

In explaining their vote against using schools as voting sites, Toni Reece, the election board’s chairwoman, and board member Velma Loy — both Republicans — had concerns about voters wandering away from polling locations and into areas where there are students.

Sorry, I don't buy this - public schools have been used as polling places for decades with no problem.

The truth about the NC GOP tax increase

The right-wing nut jobs from the Jones Street House of Pain, along with DAG McClowny, have been on an all-out propaganda push to try to convince North Carolinians that they're getting a tax cut, just because the nominal income tax rate will decline and they'll see an extra buck or two in their paychecks.

Of course, their propaganda is disingenuous a pack of outright lies. They know that nearly all of the tax cuts go to the wealthiest people and that, with the elimination of many deductions and the earned income tax credit, coupled with the new 7.5% sales tax on many goods and services, the overall tax bill for most people will go up.

And as usual, it's nicely summarized by the good folks at NC Policy Watch.

The Bergermeister chooses big fish in little pond option

Proving that he cares more about power and influence than he does about service:

After weeks of exploring a possible bid and even running TV ads criticizing Hagan, Berger announced last week that he will seek re-election to the state Senate. As tempting as a U.S. Senate bid would have been, Berger would have been risking a certain power base in exchange for a roll of the dice.

Even if he had won election, Berger, 61, would have been a rookie in what would likely be a Senate led by Democrat Harry Reid or Republican Mitch McConnell. Instead, Berger will continue as the most influential figure in North Carolina politics as long as the Republican hegemony continues in Raleigh.

Berger is still running TV ads against Hagan (and Barack Obama, just to please the racist mouth-breathers). Along those bigoted lines, he will probably throw his support behind an architect of the anti-gay marriage amendment:

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