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Richard Burr is one lucky son of a gun. With so much media attention focused on the flailing of Trump and McCrory, Slick Dick has managed to do what he always does: fly below the radar. Most voters don't even know he exists, nor do they seem to care. He's an invisible man with no qualms about hitching his star to the disgusting Donald Trump. Nothing would make me happier than to see this frat-boy slacker lose to Deb Ross in three weeks.

Greenwashing comes to the Burr/Ross race

Taking their cue from Jay Faison:

Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions says it is spending $120,000 on the buy, which will air commercials in Raleigh and Charlotte.

“Senator Richard Burr deserves to be commended for his record of supporting renewable energy, promote conservation, and place the economic needs and health of North Carolinians before partisanship,” said CRES Chairman and Executive Director James Dozier.

And just like Faison's group, peel a few layers of this onion and you find a focus on natural gas and nukes:

We're waiting.

The two men at the top of the Republican ticket continue to stand by Donald Trump through thick and thin. Pat McCrory and Richard Burr both have endorsed Trump's candidacy, and show no signs of repudiating him, even after his reckless call for a "Second Amendment" solution to stop Hillary Clinton.

Neither man has the courage to disavow Donald Trump. They are betting their political futures that there are enough North Carolina voters who share their bigoted and hateful view of America.

The case against Richard Burr

This is my take on Senator Richard Burr’s recent years in Congress.

Mr. Burr is a cheery front man, who masks a so-so performer in every way. He does mostly what GOP leaders want, even when what they want puts North Carolina at risk. Burr reliably favors Big Business over Regular People, most significantly in the area of big energy, big banks, and big guns. He even voted to allow terror suspects to purchase assault weapons.

Burr endorses Trump

You knew there would come a time when Richard Burr would have to choose between the Republican Party and the United States of America. And you will not be surprised to learn that he has chosen his party. Yesterday, Burr endorsed Donald Trump for president of our country.

The only goal that unites this Republican Party is the desire to defeat Hillary Clinton. It's for that reason that Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr, R-N.C., announced on Twitter his endorsement of Trump on Wednesday.

That would be the same Donald Trump who speaks in this video:

When I think of Senator Burr, the word "pathetic" comes to mind. Just like it did years ago, when I learned that he had told his wife to withdraw a bunch of cash from an ATM in the middle of the night. Back then, he was using secrets he learned as a Senator to protect his own ass. He wasn't watching out for you or me. Not for one second.

Burr's endorsement of Trump tells you everything you need to know about both men.

Bungling Burr does it again

Imagine that you're Richard Burr, trying desperately to show voters that you're not a lazy, frat-boy slacker. You really, really want the world to believe you actually know how to get somethin' done, and so you pour your heart and soul into pretending like you do. You reach across the aisle to make nice with one of America's preeminent Democratic chickenhawks, and come up with a technology encryption bill bill that does the exact opposite of what you intend. Why are we not surprised:

The cluelessness of Dick Burr


Living in his DC bubble:

U.S. Sen. Richard Burr on Friday fended off questions about House Bill 2, though he said he doesn’t think it will deter more companies from moving to the state. “It’s a state issue,” Burr told the Observer. “You need to talk to state legislators. I’ve still got companies talking to me about moving to North Carolina.”

“I don’t think there’s anything we’ve done that will deter people from moving to North Carolina, because this is a great place,” he said.

How the hell would you even know if this is a great place or not? You've been a Beltway Boy since before Milli Vanilli got busted for pantomiming, I'm surprised you don't get lost on your way back down here.

More on Burr's hypocrisy over IT security protocols

And his artful dodging of questions:

The Fourth Amendment protects citizens from warrantless searches and seizures. How would you ensure that Americans are protected against government spying but still protected against terrorism?:

"San Bernardino is a sobering reminder that America is under constant threat from hostile forces that will stop at nothing to see us fall. I will continue fighting to equip America's intelligence professionals with all the tools that are legal, valid and effective to subvert terrorist plots and thwart attacks."

As you can see, Burr's only recognition of the core of this question, how he will protect us from unconstitutional search and seizure, was the brief and dismissive "tools that are legal." As we learned from the Bush administration, such legality is easily decided with a clever staffer's scribbled brief. As to his flag-waving and fear-mongering election-year posturing, here's an excerpt from a bill he sponsored last year:


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