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Martinez to join McCrory's press office

Martinez to join McCrory's press office

By Laura Leslie of WRAL.com

Posted: 10:09 p.m. today

McCrory spokeswoman Kim Genardo confirms Rick Martinez will join the governor's press office.

Martinez is Curtis Media Group's longtime news director for WPTF and NC News Network. He's also a conservative columnist for the News and Observer.

Martinez is McCrory's second local media hire. Genardo was the first, moving quickly from reporting on the governor at NBC 17 to a job as his spokesperson.

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Martinez berates Legislature for meddling in local affairs

I was going to say something about a stopped clock, but that would be ungracious:

I understand cities, towns and counties are the creation of the General Assembly. Under the state constitution, municipalities can’t wipe their noses without legislative permission. Still, the degree of local meddling that’s emerging is beginning to resemble political score-settling, not prudent governmental self-restraint the GOP says its supports.

It's about time somebody from the right stepped up to point out this contradiction between (claimed) ideology and actions. But of course, Little Ricky just can't seem to take a stand on something without taking some pot-shots at progressives:

Martinez misleads his readers, once again

Peppering the pages with irrelevant statistics:

The difference is fossil fuels. Because North Dakota is producing low-cost energy through exploration and extraction of the Bakken shelf, that state has enjoyed the largest job, income and economic growth rates in the nation during the past five years. Compare that with North Carolina during the past four years. Our state, which doesn’t produce a BTU of energy, has been forced to borrow $2.55 billion from the federal government to cover unemployment insurance costs.

No, one of the (many) differences is, North Dakota has a population of just under 700,000, roughly 1/13 of North Carolina's. And when that Bakken plays out, what's North Dakota going to do then? As far as that (embarassingly un-researched) claim about zero production, North Carolina is producing somewhere in the neighborhood of 170 trillion BTU's of clean, renewable energy every year. This part made me bark a laugh:

Martinez sez going to church is the answer

Guns don't kill people, evil does:

Who knows whether a pastor or parishioner might have provided the emotional and moral anchor Adam Lanza lacked? Who knows whether regular church attendance could have provided the spiritual bond and marital counseling that would have kept Lanza’s mother and father together and given him a more stable family structure where he felt secure and loved?

And who knows why the N&O continues to give column space to someone who will use whatever tool (in this case religion) to prop up flawed Conservative ideology? A balanced article would have included a warning that not all churches are positive reinforcers:

More "compassionate conservatism" from Little Ricky

With friends like this, women don't need enemies:

A refusal to cover artificial birth control as a matter of conscience does not deny women contraceptive services. They can pay for birth control just like they can pay for any uncovered, optional procedure or medication. If they can't afford it, Planned Parenthood proudly provides such services. Women can also select an employer whose insurance plan covers contraceptives.

Of course this jackass leaves out the fact that others like him are (somewhat successfully) trying to defund and then destroy Planned Parenthood. Par for the course with Little Ricky, though. List options that aren't really options. The core of his diatribe deals with a conflict between the military and one of its Archbishops:

Puppy Broadcasting Service

Indy Week reports that Orr and Martinez have been named to UNC-TV Board of Trustees. Talk about a dangerous concentration of voices. Maybe now the N&O will drop Martinez from its editorial pages. Or maybe they'll just go ahead and make him publisher.

(expletive expletive deleted)

Like having a skunk tied around your neck

Ouch. Little Ricky is now "the News and Observer's" Rick Martinez. The stench is contagious.

The latest attempt to absolve Republican legislative leaders of any responsibility for all the pink slips flying into teachers’ mailboxes across the state comes from the News & Observer’s Rick Martinez, whose latest column reads like an only slightly rewritten press release from the office of House Speaker Thom Tillis

The N&O's continuing reliance on this fact-free tool of Art Pope is an embarrassment to its long tradition of responsible editorial leadership. Please write Steve Ford (steve.ford@newsobserver.com) and encourage him to Dump the Skunk.

A month without the N&O

It's been a little over a month since our policy of banning links to the N&O went into effect. Although there have been a few complaints from regulars, it has mostly been a non-event. Our own readership has been steady-to-improving, which is unusual for the summer, and we've uncovered a number of new sources of good information. For my part, every story I wanted to cover has been available elsewhere.

We'll review our policy periodically to make sure we're not cutting off someone's nose to spite our face, and we'll gladly lift the ban entirely when the newspaper dumps Rick Martinez from its roster of regular columnists.

A week without the N&O

One week ago we instituted a new policy banning links to the Raleigh News and Observer at BlueNC. The policy was created in response to the newspaper's reliance on propaganda from the Show on its editorial pages in general, with a specific concern over the use of WPTF's Rick Martinez as an op-ed columnist. For my part, the new policy has been a breeze. It's been easy to find important stories at other sites, with the added benefit of being able to uncover fresh, new sources of information. That said, I'd welcome the chance to resume linking to the Old Reliable. All they need to do is Dump Little Ricky.

Martinez flip-flops during anti-Obama fever dream

Little Ricky spins out of control over bin Laden death:

President George W. Bush invaded only our enemies. President Barack Obama invades our allies.

Obama didn't let pesky international concepts like borders or sovereignty stand between him and a promise to kill Osama bin Laden, even if it was on Pakistani soil and even if it meant doing so without our ally's permission or knowledge.

In his defense, Martinez apparently wrote this diatribe during a nervous breakdown of some sort; a sparking robot head comes to mind. Compare this newfound love of Pakistan with what he said less than a year ago:

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