Robert Reich

Cliff happens

Given that so many "leaders" seem to have a hard time reading and understanding the lessons of economic history, this little cartoon is shared for your edification. Especially you, Senator Hagan.

My betting is on Obama

This post is from Robert Reich's FB page and it expresses my own sentiments eloquently.

"This is going to be a squeaker of an election. Polls are showing Obama and Romney within a hair's breath of one another in the critical swing states that will determine the outcome. How can that be when Romney is an empty suit who believes nothing, hasn't articulated any program, and has (along with his running mate) called for more tax cuts for the wealthy, more spending cuts for the poor, and an evisceration of Medicare and Medicaid? When they want to deregulate Wall Street and regulate women?"

The Purchase of the Supreme Court

Evidence continues to accumulate that our democracy in this country is not only for sale, but comes at a reasonable price. Recent news has called into question the integrity of the highest court in the land, as we find out that years before the supreme court's Citizens United Decision that was supported by justices Thomas and Scalia, Citizens United spent $100,000 to support Thomas' nomination to the supreme court. You may recall the Citizens United decision as the one allowing unlimited anonymous corporate donations to political campaigns.

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