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Les Miz comes to NC

Les Miz comes to North Carolina. In more ways than one.

The movie opened here over Christmas and is truly well done. But in North Carolina today, the truly miserable are North Carolina’s Democrats and liberals; miserable in concern over what the now Republican government of our state is going to do to the ones we love; education through public schools and universities, mental health care, environment protections, clean air standards, and the list goes on.

Watching the movie, whose sets depict a landscape totally devoid of any ‘safety net’ for the poor, one cannot help but see the future as envisioned by the starker conservative theories on governing. A future without unemployment benefits, medicare, social security or mental health services.

Health Care Safety Nets Focuses on Poor Leaving Out The Middle Class

Have you ever noticed how the Health Care Safety Nets such as "Free" Clinics, Medicaid, Medicare, and other such programs are touted as a "Safety Net" to "Prevent people from going without health care" and to "assist citizens in local communities"? I have seen these programs touted by government officials and some government employees as a safety catch-all that will supposedly help everyone. They receive commendations for their innovation and serving the citizens that can't afford to pay for health care. They are great things, really, they provide a service to SOME of the citizenry and they fulfill a need for a portion of the population. So I am not really speaking ill of them because they are a good thing. My beef is with those who tout them as a complete "safety net" without understanding that they only serve a small portion of a population.

Op-ed column from my friend Norm

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