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Civitas funnels out-of-state money into NC Supreme Court race

First, a few words from Justice Paul Newby's sponsor:

Whereas candidates and their committees can accept only $5,000 from individual donors in an election year12 and cannot receive moneys from corporations, unions, or associations, super PACs can accept money from any type of donor (corporation, union, or private individual) without any limit on the amount donated and can spend that money without limit to promote the election or defeat of specific candidates.

That's excerpted from a Federalist Society's white paper, in which the author expends much effort trying to convince the reader that huge campaign expenditures by super PACs are actually a good thing, since it helps educate us idiots better:

Judicial debate set for tonight

Unfortunately, it will be hosted by a Conservative astro-turf organization:

Incumbents for the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals and nearly all of their challengers were slated to participate Tuesday night in judicial debates sponsored by a Winston-Salem chapter of the conservative-leaning Federalist Society.

And I'm sure the "sponsor" will choose which questions to debate. At first, I was somewhat incensed that this would be held in an (apparently) lawyer-only venue. But if the questions are already bent before the debating begins, maybe that's for the best.

Justice Newby stands behind shadowy Super PAC

I guess educating voters doesn't include telling them where the money came from:

The incumbent candidate in the race for a state Supreme Court seat said a political action committee’s advertisements on his behalf are a way to educate the public about the state’s judicial system.

Oh, it's educational all right. We learn that seats on the state's highest court are for sale, no questions asked. GOP hypocrisy: You should show an ID to vote, but you don't have to show an ID if you want to buy a judge. Forget about tv ads for a moment, and compare how many times Newby mentions God vs the Constitution:

Fetzer heads up SuperPAC targeting NC Supreme Court

Trying to keep the door closed on legal challenges:

The election has led to the creation of an outside committee led by political and financial heavyweights backing Associate Justice Paul Newby. The group could raise enough money to exceed the roughly $625,000 the campaigns of Newby and challenger Sam Ervin IV had between them June 30.

It looks like this may be another case of not knowing where the money's coming from until it's too late. I've found no filings of this SuperPAC in either state or federal databases, but I could have missed it. This should give you an idea why the NC GOP and big business want to keep him warming that seat:

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