Sandy Hook Elementary school

They still deserve a vote

Tomorrow would have been Jack Pinto's 7th birthday. He was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. He had the right to turn 7, and that right trumps all rights.

Martinez sez going to church is the answer

Guns don't kill people, evil does:

Who knows whether a pastor or parishioner might have provided the emotional and moral anchor Adam Lanza lacked? Who knows whether regular church attendance could have provided the spiritual bond and marital counseling that would have kept Lanza’s mother and father together and given him a more stable family structure where he felt secure and loved?

And who knows why the N&O continues to give column space to someone who will use whatever tool (in this case religion) to prop up flawed Conservative ideology? A balanced article would have included a warning that not all churches are positive reinforcers:

A Timeline of mass shootings

From Think Progress' Justice page.

and now the latest massacre.

26 dead, including 20 children, after Connecticut school shooting

Connecticut State Police said Friday that 26 people, including 20 children, were killed in the shooting at an elementary school 60 miles northeast of New York City, and that the gunman was also dead, as well as another person at a home connected with the shooter.

The gunman opened fire just after 9:30 a.m. inside Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown where his mother reportedly worked. He blasted his way through the building as young students cowered helplessly in classrooms while their teachers and classmates were shot.

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