NCDP State Executive Committee meeting in Greensboro today

Should be a big day in the Gate City, when the State Executive Committee of the North Carolina Democratic Party convenes to do whatever it does. What might that be, you ask? Well, the agenda is here, which provides some insight into the inner workings and hidden mechanisms of the party apparatus. Perhaps more important, here's a list of prepared resolutions that will be considered today, covering everything you can imagine, and then some. And finally, there are three "inside baseball" proposals, one of which would reduce the number of SEC members by half. Good luck with that.

If all goes according to plan, BlueNC's Steve Harrison will be on hand at the meeting to report on interesting developments and behind-the-scenes sentiment. If you have questions you'd like Steve to look into, just drop them into the comments below.

NCDP SEC meeting ... what's going on

Lots of routine comments to start.
Nice speech by Parker.
Etheridge nominated
Voller nomination in progress.


When is a meeting not a meeting?

I spent most of Saturday afternoon sitting on a little chair in a conference room of the Marriott Hotel in Greensboro. It was beautiful afternoon, especially for January, but I didn't mind as I was in that conference room to do the business of the North Carolina Democratic Party. I thought there was to be a meeting of the State Executive Committee; for the most part I was mistaken.


My Democratic Party

I'm not going to be making an endorsement for our Party Chair in this diary. Hell, a lot of the folks who actually have a vote have been SEC members longer than I've even been a Democrat. They'd be foolish to set aside their own knowledge and experience in favor of my choice, even if I did have a vote. Which I don't.

With that in mind, you may wonder about the title of the diary itself. I chose that because we all need to take ownership of the Party. And that also means taking responsibility for the Party's actions, both good and bad.

Final Thoughts From a SEC Member

As we move into the weekend meeting of the NCDP SEC, I wanted to share just a few final thoughts based on questions I have received.
Most of you know that I have already endorsed David Parker, and I even had the privilege of acting as a surrogate speaker a few weeks ago here in Raleigh.

LGBT Rights

The other day I received a call from a friend of mine. He said that he'd been told by a supporter of Bill Faison, that Faison was a stronger supporter of LGBT issues than David Parker.
My first response to that was, "that statement is crap," and went on to say exactly why. That evening I did some research, and here is what I found:
1. Bill was NOT endorsed by EqualityNC in 2010, even though just about every other Democrat from Raleigh to Greensboro was. If Bill is such a strong advocate for gay rights, why did he either not seek the endorsement, or if he sought it, why was he denied it?
2. An Independent Weekly article from 2005 may also give some insight:


Winning Election to the State Executive Committee of the NCDP

The State Executive Committee is the governing body of the North Carolina Democratic Party. The SEC:

  • Elects the NCDP chair.
  • Elects delegates to the DNC.
  • Votes upon changes to the NCDP platform.
  • Votes upon resolutions to inform (or censure) elected Democrats.
  • Approve the Bylaws/Constitutions of State Auxiliaries.
  • Receive and approve the NCDP budget each year.
  • Consider petitions for alternative methods of organizing precincts.

The SEC is composed of people like you. There are over 600 members of the SEC. Below is a short guide on how you can seek election to the SEC.

General Advice

Learn and Prepare: Only run if you are interested and have the time to commit to it. Call your County Party and get informed on when and where the meetings will be held and what the responsibilties are. Ask any questions you might have.

NCDP Politics blog

UPDATE from James

As you'll see in the comments below, the writer of this post and the owner of the blog that was referenced in this post has been banned from BlueNC. I have removed the original content for the post, which was simply a link to a Blogspot attack site created by the author.

This kind of duplicitous behavior is unacceptable at BlueNC and will not be tolerated.

The good Democrats of NC

Today was a proud day at the SEC meeting for the people who are the rank and file of this party. More than once we basked in the glory of being the party that for the past 80 years or so has worked for the things that have pushed this country forward, Social Security, Civil Rights, Regulations that kept the country on an even keel for more than 50 years and saw the largest expansion of the middle class on record. Many of the things that Senator Edward Kennedy stood for.

It was a hard five hours but for the most part I was very proud of the myriad of resolutions that percolated up from precincts all over the state that passed at the SEC meeting today. Here are a few highlights:

First off Delmas Parker presented a heart warming statement of condolences and tribute to the late Senator Kennedy which we voted to adopt.

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