Sen. Jesse Helms

The Jesse Helms building-naming controversy

This makes way too much sense to be part of a nonsensical issue:

But a U.S. courthouse? Named for the man who made a sport of blocking qualified nominees from serving on the federal courts? Say it isn’t so. For the last decade or so of his Senate career, Helms blocked every single nominee from North Carolina to the Fourth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, as well as many slated for the U.S. district bench.

What makes even less sense is why Renee Ellmers would reanimate this embarassing and divisive issue now, when there are a lot more important fish to fry. She's either trying to build cred with the wrong crowd, or she's being manipulated by elements who want to divide us even more. Whatever the case, here's a few words from the "for" camp:

Let's Call It What It Is: Racism

Cross-post from Outlier Magazine Blog:

It was less than a generation ago when politicians rode the wave of overt racism into office and based their political staying power on their perceived harsh stance against the civil rights of "colored" people.

Our state's own Jesse Helms was really good at it. We'd like to think we've moved away from that sort of thing, but if Helms were still here, it seems clear that he'd probably still be representing North Carolina.

However racially enlightened we proclaim America to be, it is also clear that the GOP has been hijacked by the worst among us. The amazing thing, in a country that has elected it's first African American president, is the collective refusal to admit the raw covert racism that dominates our political discourse.

Burr uses Wynn confirmation to attack Democrats

Embarassing himself in the process:

North Carolina elected officials cheered the confirmation to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals of Judge Jim Wynn.

In his statement, U.S. Sen. Richard Burr, a Winston-Salem Republican, noted that under President George W. Bush, Democrats had blocked confirmation of nominees to the 4th Circuit.

"After the treatment some of these nominees were subjected to, it is a wonder that others are still willing to step forward to put themselves through the nominations process," Burr said.

Judge Wynn (you know, the guy you're supposed to be talking about) was originally blocked by Republican Jesse Helms, you dummy.

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