Richard Burr

Richard Burr's shameful politics

You've seen the coverage of Richard Burr's ridiculous attacks on veterans groups, taking them to task because they haven't jumped the gun and called for the head of the Veterans Administration to resign. Jumping the gun is a familiar habit of Senator Burr's. Remember when he told his wife to grab money from the ATM after participating in Congressional hearings on the economic meltdown years ago? That earned him the name Bank Run Burr.

Do-Nothing Burr does nothing again

If the senior senator from North Carolina is known for anything, he is known for doing nothing. A hapless slacker by any standard, Senator Burr is at best an empty suit, except when he is doing outright damage. Today, the New York Times editorial board takes Burr to task for, well, doing nothing.

The job of federal judge for the Eastern District of North Carolina has been vacant for more than eight years, one of the longest vacancies of 83 on the federal bench around the country. Last June, President Obama nominated Jennifer May-Parker, a federal prosecutor, for the position, but she hasn’t even received a vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee because Richard Burr, the state’s Republican senator, is blocking her.

The strange part is that Mr. Burr himself recommended her for the seat in 2009. But now he’s changed his mind and won’t say why, exploiting an archaic Senate tradition to make sure Mr. Obama can’t fill that vacancy.

Burr's obstruction, of course, has been enabled by arcane rules in the US Senate, a place the illusion of collegiality trumps democracy at every turn.


Richard Burr is a moron

Oh my. After suddenly realizing that his sparkly new Republican alternative to Obamacare involves a gigantic tax increase on employers, Do Nothing Dick is quietly backing away from his ridiculous plan. Breathtaking incompetence.


Burr was FOR the nominee before he was AGAINST her

What happened over the past four years to cause Burr to change his mind about this judicial nomination? Only one thing. Richard Burr became a mercenary in the War on Obama.

Perhaps part of the reason for the resubmission of the nomination was the recent coming to light of a letter from 2009 (reported by The Huffington Post) in which Burr explicitly endorsed May-Parker for the seat! Apparently, the White House has concluded that Senator Burr cannot maintain such a blatantly disingenuous stance and stonewall the nomination in silence much longer without drawing significant negative attention from North Carolinians.

Good catch, guys.


Senator Richard Burr wants Boston terrorist Tsarnaev to be able to buy guns with no background check

Isn't it wonderful to have such a great senator looking out for our interests? Not.


The bigotry of Burr and Ellmers

Could there possibly be two members of Congress who are more irrelevant, vile, divisive, and generally fucked-up than Dick Burr and Renee Ellmers? Their ongoing crusade to name a federal office building after North Carolina's legendary racist Senator No continues to boggle the mind.

President Richard Burr? Very funny.

The Republican presidential wish list for 2016 includes all the usual suspects, and then some. But I have to confess to a certain bubbling excitement about the prospect of Bank Run Burr becoming the GOP's nominee. In the Des Moines Register article referenced above, Dick Burr is included in the auspicious category of "other," which exactly where he belongs.

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