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Marshall calls Burr's ad a fairy tale. She's right.

In response to Burr's first television ad, Elaine Marshall responds like the veteran she is. Mark Binker runs it down.

Update: The Marshall campaigns responds with a spiffy PDF (link) dressed up to look like a ye olde document that calls Burr's ad a "fairy tale." It tries to knock down statements in the ad in compare and contrast style. A couple examples from the response:

* He said he was “down home North Carolina.” In reality, he was one of the largest recipients of special interest cash in Washington.

* He said he’s “listening, working for us.” But Richard Burr voted to bailout big Wall Street banks, while blocking tax credits and increased lending to small business.


Richard Burr significance testing: Two days left

It was almost a month ago that we established a reward for the person who could come up something of significance that Richard Burr has done during his 16 years in Congress. Here is the original post, setting the reward at $100, hoping that someone somewhere could come up with bona fide evidence of accomplishment. The prize was later bumped up to $250 to lure Burr boosters to come to the defense of their hero. None have.


NC-Sen: League of Conservation Voters back Elaine Marshall

New-Headshot-05-10Citing Elaine's commitment to "sound environmental policies," the League of Conservation Voters has announced their endorsement of our campaign.

From their announcement press release:

“LCV Action Fund is proud to endorse Elaine Marshall for U.S. Senate because she understands that the policies needed to grow North Carolina’s economy and keep America’s competitive edge are the same policies that will reduce our dependence on foreign oil and curb harmful carbon pollution,” said LCV Action Fund President Gene Karpinski. “Elaine Marshall will work in Congress to enact common-sense energy policies that create jobs in North Carolina while ensuring that America leads the 21st century’s clean energy economy.”

This is another big endorsement that adds to Elaine's growing coalition of voters in North Carolina.

More below.

Well, this is embarrassing

Here we are trying to give away $250 to anyone who can demonstrate that Richard Burr has led something of significance in his 16 years in Congress, and after four long days, we've received only one entry that's even close to a legitimate contribution. Given that nearly 5,000 people check out BlueNC every week, I'm struck by the silence on this question.


NC Sen: We’re not uninformed, Senator.

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So as part of Senator Burr's whitewashing of his record, his latest remark in the Asheville Citizen Times takes it to a new level, you could even call it a bald faced lie. A recent letter to the editor slammed Senator Burr for blocking unemployment benefits, and this week Senator Burr responded by calling the writer ‘uninformed’ about his stance on the issue:

SENATOR BURR, Asheville Citizen Times Letter to the Editor: "He is uninformed as to my support for extending unemployment benefits…I think everyone agrees that we should extend unemployment benefits.”

Senator Burr wants us to think he’s supported the unemployment extension all along, but like most statements of his, again nothing could be farther from the truth.

Richard Burr Significance Contest: Updated

We're out to discover a piece of significant legislation where Burr has been the out-front leader.

The person making the most compelling case showing how the Senator has led an important initiative in Congress will receive a $100 $250 reward. Please provide links to actual votes and final language of laws passed. We'll do a BlueNC community poll on the last day of August to determine the winner.

Thanks for helping us discover the truth. Please post your findings below.


Do Nothing Dick, by the numbers

I've been scouring Richard Burr's record of sponsored legislation, trying to find a shred of evidence that he's actually led the charge on anything important in Congress.


I would welcome President Obama to North Carolina

Sam Stein's post on Huffington Post calls into question whether or not I'd like to see the President come to North Carolina. The post is well intentioned, I am sure, but my comments are taken a bit of context and blown up to a bigger story. The truth is:

I would welcome President Obama to North Carolina.

I would take the opportunity to thank him for endorsing legislation that would help small businesses and save 4,500 teacher jobs in North Carolina. I would also speak with him about ending the War in Afghanistan, and how Washington as a whole isn't responding to the needs of ordinary Americans.

Elaine Marshall needs to figure out the internet!

I am a longtime supporter of the Democratic Party and more recently a financial backer. I desperately want Elaine Marshall to win, but I cannot understand how her team has not figured out the internet.

She has not even posted a google ad when one searches for Richard Bur (as he has done if one searches for her). Her site is dull and lacks vigor. Cal Cunningham provided a much fresher approach and I think Elaine needs to get it going, now! Are there no savvy technology consultants on the beat?

I've got $2400 itching and ready to contribute, but I want to see a bit of basic effort.

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