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Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start out with another field-grade officer gone wrong:

HendersonGOP 12:44pm via Twitter for Android
RT @NCCivitas: Civitas President: NC Election Chief Lying. #NCPol #ConsNC

Francis, many of your readers may fall for the "voter integrity" bullshit you claim is behind this attack, but you and I both know better. Your real goal is to get rid of early voting, and the goal behind that is to have fewer people take part in our Democratic process. I put on my uniform and served for exactly the opposite reason: to defend the rights of my fellow citizens to take part in that process. Why did you put on your uniform?

Tuesday Twitter roundup

A story that is definitely not ready to die yet:

JamesProtzman 4:28pm via Facebook
NBC-17 Investigates: Documents shed light on what McCrory knew before controversial vote

If Myers Park Pat wants to blame somebody for why this incident is coming back to haunt him, he need only look in the mirror. He's gone out of his way to conceal so many aspects of his career (whatever that is), any information that surfaces is valuable. And when that information reveals base and unethical behavior in a candidate for Governor, the value to the voters of this state becomes incalculable.

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