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Anyone who has witnessed the bickering here on BlueNC has seen only the tip of the iceberg as far as how far the Chairman's supporters will go in his defense. Folks who would normally step up and lead action against Voller will not, because he does have widespread support among the State Executive Committee's 700 members.

The only way to have a more sensible leadership in the Party, therefore, is to have those who disagree with the current party's leadership attend their local and county party meetings and run for the SEC. I won't. I tried twice, and I could not even get listed on the ballot in my county.

Maybe there is more hope outside the Raleigh beltline. The precincts have already started meeting and will continue into March. You can find your county party's information at the state party's web site:

NC Democratic Party – Calendar of Events 2014

NCDP Chair race: a view from the sidelines

We're fast approaching the SEC meeting, in which the Democratic Party's elite will choose the people who will run things during one of our most challenging times, and I'm starting to feel nauseated. That's not a figure of speech. I'm talking about that feeling where strange things are afoot on a gastro-intestinal level, and there's a distinct possibility you may actually throw up sometime in the near future. So you contemplate fluffy bunnies or Zen koans or anything else that will trick your body into calming down. Why am I nauseated? Because Rome is burning, and the only people who can fix it are acting not unlike the Crips and the Bloods, where the color of your bandana is more important than what you can think or do.

Seeking to harness Obama's campaign resources for a second term

Greetings Fellow Democrats:

The announcement of Organizing for Action disturbs me. Many of you know how I have objected to the way that OFA (whether Obama For America or Organizing For America) interfered with what we do as officers or delegates of the Democratic Party. It seemed as though OFA was trying to set itself up as a structure that was parallel to and yet separate from the Democratic Party almost as though they wanted to usurp the traditional role of the Democratic Party and possible supersede it.

If you ever doubted it - here is the proof and others are noticing it too:

If it is able to sustain the passion that propelled Obama twice into the White House, the pro-Obama group may outstrip the role played by traditional interest groups, from organized labor to the environmental movement, and could form an independent power base outside the White House and the Democratic Party.

Meet and Greet with Randy Voller in Raleigh on January 10 has been moved to the Flying Saucer!

Attn SEC Members and Others: The Meet and Greet for Randy Voller originally scheduled for the Capital City Club has been moved to the Flying Saucer 328 W Morgan Street Raleigh NC 27601. Event will begin at 6:30pm. Food and Beverages will be available.

Raleigh is one of the few U.S. cities that was actually planned and built specifically to be a state capital. It was founded by legislators who met in Issac Hunter's Tavern back in 1788. They decreed our new capital must be within 10 miles of Isaac Hunter’s tavern, a popular drinking spot of that time.

It also may be the only capital that was chosen because of its proximity to accessible alcohol ;-)

Therefore, it is fitting that we meet in a tavern to meet and greet with Randy Voller, who is running for the Chair of the NC Democratic Party.

Some Dems fret, GOP gloats over divided NC Party after SEC vote

NCCapitol profile from

Tonight's story: Democratic leaders fret (and the GOP gloats) over the defiance of #ncdem chair David Parker:

Supporters said Parker was the victim of a conspiracy by elected officials. Some say the conspiracy had to do with [how] party funding is divided. Others said Parker was scapegoated because the same-sex harassment came to light just three weeks before a ballot initiative to ban same-sex unions...

I have been following the controversy on this blog, and I have not wanted to jump in. No one would with the level of animosity that has prevailed over productive discussion. To give an opinion has been to invite attack.

I agree with James that it is counterproductive--as well as mean spirited--to continue the name calling and spewing of venom against fellow Democrats and fellow Progressives.

Parker to continue as NCDP Chairman

Apparently it's crazier than it seems:

The 742-member N.C. Democratic State Executive Committee meeting in Greensboro voted to retain David Parker as chairman. He had turned his resignation in earlier in the day but agreed to stay on after the vote.

Can somebody help me with a little math here? I know I went to a county school and all that, and studied some fairly obscure dead civilizations as a History major, but...if you subtract the 269 pro-Parker votes from the 742 SEC members, that leaves 473 votes. Subtract the 203 hasta la vista, baby votes cast from the remaining total, and you still have 270 outstanding votes not cast. Did I miss something? I mean, other than the passengers not giving a shit who's driving the bus.

NC Democrats elect David Parker Chairman to lead comeback in 2012

RALEIGH, N.C. —Democratic National Committee member David Parker of Statesville easily defeated current state Rep. Bill Faison of Orange County and former state party First-vice Chair Dannie Montgomery of Anson County on the first ballot. Parker will succeed outgoing Party Chairman David Young of Asheville.

As the Raleigh News and Observer reports, “ North Carolina Democrats Saturday chose a veteran activist, David Parker, to lead the party's comeback effort next year, that will include efforts to hold on to the governor's mansion and retake the legislature from the Republicans”.

The Democratic Party’s State Executive Committee (SEC) of over 600 members met to conduct a regular business meeting at the NC State University McKimmon Center.

Parker, 56, of Iredell County, took the gavel and leadership over the party immediately. He will serve a two-year term. He received 355 out of 632 total votes, party spokeswoman Kerra Bolton said.

To my fellow members of the SEC of the North Carolina Democratic Party

I want to share a letter with you that I sent to David Parker and Bill Faison and that I am reprinting here with both of their knowledge and permission.

The Future of the North Carolina Democratic Party

Hugh L. Wilde Jr January 15 at 2:30pm
as a life long democrat and a member of the SEC I have a few things I want to share with you both.
Two weeks from now our party will have a new chairman and it will be one of you. You are both men of purpose and accomplishment and it is my though that whoever wins and whoever loses this race, that the party needs you both.
It is my hope that whoever prevails as chairman that his first action will be to fully involve the other in a position of high importance in the North Carolina Democratic Party.
Fetzer and his goons are the enemy, not either one of you, and it is going to take all that all of us can do to have a chance at prevailing in 2011 and 2012.

P. R. Latta profile

I am doing research to write a profile for publication. The subject is P. R. Latta of Wake County. P. R. is being honored again this year by the Wake Young Democrat's Annual P. R. Latta Award Dinner, August 19th. The award was first presented in 2001.

I would like anyone with stories of P. R.'s work as a union leader and lobbyist, member of the county or state Executive Committees, or civic group volunteer to contact me with the information. You do not have to be quoted for attribution. Background material is appreciated, too.

I would like to publish the profile online the week of the Award Dinner, so I need any contributions by next Monday. My phone number in Raleigh is 919-781-7278.

Martha Brock
NC Statehouse and Election 2010 writer

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