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Internet gambling PR machine shifts into overdrive

As seen on Twitter:

NCSweepstakes 10:42am via Safari on iOS
Trying to keep 1,000's employed during the holidays and revenue flowing to local governments. #NCGov #NCPol #NCGA newsobserver.com/2012/12/28/256…

On the employment angle, I'd say preserving the incomes of tens of thousands, so that money can be spent on family needs instead of compulsive wealth drain, is a tradeoff with which I'd have no problem. And as far as local governments, do you think they really want this in their communities? The main purpose behind taxes and license fees is to exert some form of control, so they won't be overran with sweepstakes parlors on every corner.

NC GOP gets cash from Oklahoma gambling machine dealer

A last-minute boost of $30,000, to be exact, bringing the contributions of Chase Burns of Anadarko Oklahoma to the NC GOP up to a whopping $55,000 for this cycle:

Update: The NC GOP's cash man has been arrested in Florida:

Chase Egan Burns, 37, faces charges in Florida that include racketeering and conspiracy, according to The Associated Press. Burns was arrested Tuesday. Court documents say Burns claimed money put into his gambling machines would be donated to the charity Allied Veterans, but the group received less than 1 percent of the proceeds, The AP reported.

Words like "disgusting" and "revolting" just don't seem to cover it.

New twist in Internet gambling situation

Welcome to bizarro world:

Gov. Bev. Perdue announced on Thursday that she would like to see North Carolina tax online games. In doing so, Bev joins a bevy of politicians across the state, including our own local legislator Garland Pierce, who want to tap into the cash cow that sweepstakes gambling has become.

While you're at it, why don't you come up with a fee for pimps and coke dealers, too? That's not just a cash cow, it's a whole damned herd.

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