Thank goodness

Seems like Facebook is filled these days with people giving thanks for all the good stuff they have in their lives, so I thought it might be fun to see who's thankful for what when it comes to life in the blogosphere. More below the fold.



In case you're feeling contemplative on this most gracious of days, here's another side to the story.


On Giving Thanks The European Way, Or, Freedom: It's The New Black!

I have a Thanksgiving story for your consumption that has nothing to do with turkeys or pumpkin pie or crazy uncles.

Instead, in an effort to remind you what this holiday can really stand for, we’ll meet some people who are thankful today for simply being free.

It’s a short story today, but an especially touching one, so follow along and we’ll take a little hop across the Atlantic for a trip you should not miss.

On Cooking That Turkey, Or, What To Do After The Sarah Palin Press Conference

So it’s more or less 30 hours until Americans enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, and you’re asking yourself the annual question: “Isn’t there a simple way to cook a turkey?”

Well, America, there is…and it does not involve bags, or injections, or even stuffing. No fancy preparations and no fancy equipment are required (with the exception of a large flat pan with metal handles, a carving fork or large tongs, and a food thermometer).

Here’s the cool part: this method for cooking turkeys isn’t just a method for cooking turkeys…and if you follow the directions, you’ll soon discover that not only have you learned a new way to cook a turkey, you’ve learned a new way to cook almost anything that can walk or fly.

We only have 30 hours, so we better get right to it…

First day of my Season of justice, kindness and humility.

Here's hoping everyone enjoyed time with family, friends, loved ones, your hobbies, the homeless, the less fortunate and those in need of grace, mercy and hope.

To me, it feels as though we enter a meditative season of collective reflection and celebration on the day after Thanksgiving. Christians, Jews, Muslims all over the world do their best to aid less fortunate neighbors in their communities in this season. We are so alike in that way.

Throughout this season I hear this verse in my head ... over and over and over again ... like a meditation;
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Greatest. Holiday. Episode. Ever.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from DrFrankLives. We may all disagree with each other from time to time, but all of us here at BlueNC share a common goal of making next year more Thanksgiving worthy than this.

The good Lord has blessed us with an unbelievable bounty here in North Carolina. And as angry as we may get at ourselves and our fellow man for wasting that bounty, we should never forget just how blessed we are.

One of things we are blessed with is YouTube, which reminds us how blessed we WERE to have WKRP in Cincinnati. To remind you of that bounty, I post below the GREATEST HOLIDAY EPISODE IN TV HISTORY.

Happy Thanksgiving.

"Oh, the humanity...."

On A Different Thanksgiving Dinner, Or, The Cranberry And Sweet Potato Reconsidered

In which we offer a new view of old foods.

The Joy of Learning and of Thanksgiving

The Joy of Learning and of Thanksgiving

In the spirit of the holiday, let me give thanks to lcloud for sharing a link ( to the children's story I wrote about Thanksgiving. I hope everyone enjoys it and, more importantly, I hope it will help draw attention to the need to redouble our efforts to improve literacy in North Carolina.

There is another story just out that I hope will be widely read as well: the Blue Ribbon Commission on Testing and Accountability’s draft report criticizing the state’s testing regime.

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