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Grassroots Activism.....

Working on a grassroots project that has begun in eastern NC and would like to see it intensify and spread. People in the east want to warn the public about Two Men AT LARGE.......

All you need is a printer, tape gun or staple gun, and a camera to spread the joy on social media. Activists are ready to help you make it viral.

Demoralize Supporters of these clowns and help this gain momentum all the way to November. Democrats will not be suspected of this one.

Since I have not figured out how to post the pic....please in box me to exchange email addys or fb pages and I'll show you what I'm talking about if you think you'd like to help.

Let's make 2013 the year we start to #RebuildNC

TWO THOUSAND TWELVE was a difficult year for public investments in North Carolina. We saw even more cuts to vital services on which the entire state depends, and the inadequate funding so many of our schools and other public structures have suffered through since the start of the Great Recession has become the new baseline by which some NC lawmakers will judge future spending decisions.

Why should the rich educate other people's children?

Eliminating public education has appeal for small-government conservatives, for libertarians opposed to policies that smack of “collectivism,” and even for the anti-secular religious right. Eliminating unions has appeal for Republicans. Public employee unions are among the few remaining large institutional competitors. But there is something else, too. The conservative push to defund public education in America – through school vouchers, charter schools, budget cuts, etc. – isn’t just about politics, ideology and fiscal restraint, but about money and class.

More on free market fundamentalists

I'm no expert in economic theory, but there's something about the glib promises of free-market fundamentalism that has never seemed to add up. So lately I've spent time reading things written by people who know a lot more about it than I do. One of those people is Fred Block, who has a thought-provoking article up at the Longview Institute website.

If you're at all interested in the cataclysmic clash between free market mania and the progressive pursuit of the common good, please take time to read it. I especially liked his conclusion:

Market Fundamentalism is actually more vulnerable than ever. As the dominant viewpoint for more than twenty-five years, it has a proven record of failure. Despite years of increasing reliance on markets, poverty and inequality are worsening, the health care system is in crisis, corporate crime and corruption are widespread, and we have fiddled as the crisis of global climate change has intensified.

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