Thomas Stith

Meet Thomas $tith, Right-Wing Republican

Meet Durham mayoral candidate Thomas $tith, extreme right-wing Republican, as he waxes nostalgic for the Reagan years. Of course, this is a non-partisan election, so we don't want to talk about that partisan stuff, right?

Before Max, there was Stith

It's weird. One minute you're reading an interesting column on an important public policy issue, and the next thing you know it's down the rabbit hole into Art Pope's Civitas Creepshow, filled with creatures with unimaginable views representing the so-called freedom movement.

Enough has been written by and about one of those creatures to fill a book, but lest you think Mad Max is an anomaly, consider another standard-bearer of the Creepshow, Mr. Thomas Stith, candidate for mayor in the City of Durham. Stith is apparently no longer at Civitas, having resigned from that role to spend time campaigning for the Big Job. I suppose that's how Jack Hawke freed up the cash to hire his new hit man, Max - but that's another story. In any case, the most insightful analysis of the Stith can be found in North Carolina's best newspaper: the Independent.

The Problem With Stith

Resurrected by James from 2007, in honor of Thomas Stith's new gig working for Governor Pope.

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