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Cure for amnesia is close

Earlier this week, the Court of Appeals ruled 3-0 in a unanimous decision that the General Assembly law passed to confer a monopoly on the North Carolina Bail Agents Association and exclude any and all competitors was indeed a monopoly (that means unconstitutional and illegal). You can read about how it was 'shady' here in the Greensboro newspaper article here.

Pat didn't get permission first

It seems that DAG McCrony is negotiating with a South Carolina native American tribe (yes, you read that right, South Carolina) about opening a casino in Cleveland County.

Apparently, though, Pat forgot to ask permission from Tillisberger, and that has Tom Apodaca (Berger's second banana) and Skip Stam (Tillis's second banana) very upset.

“We don’t need an out-of-state tribe coming into North Carolina and opening a casino,” [Apocada] said Thursday. “I can tell you I haven’t heard of one person yet who was excited about the idea.”


“I am very much opposed to it and will do everything I can to defeat it,” [Stam] said.

What They Really Meant

We all know the old joke about how to tell when a politician is lying...his or her lips are moving.

It took some of the biggest lies ever, leading to flash BS flood warnings in downtown Raleigh, to ram through the abortion near-ban bill in the NC Senate.

Proving they have no shame, the Warriors on Women (a few of whom are women) produced some real whoppers. Here's one; there's more at BackwardNC.


"We have an obligation to protect the health of the people -- the women -- that go to these clinics," Berger said. "Anyone who is interested in having safe abortions in North Carolina has nothing to fear from this bill."


Bail bond scandal still haunting Republican leadership

I attended a fund raiser quite all of a sudden this past weekend for the man who may be the only one with guts to stand up to Tillis. That man being Rep. Robert Brawley. For his trouble he got Gestapo tactics aimed at him...suggesting his mental health state, threaten of censure, etc. Cheap shot bully tactics from the guy who wants to be our US Senator. This story is old but still evolving. I don't know how to embed the video, but I will try and will paste the link here.

Take a look. Brawley is telling the truth. He may be the only one on Jones St. willing to do so. Two videos ... first the Bail Bond scandal that everybody is ducking, then Rep Robert Brawley calmly telling it straight.

Here goes...

Bail bond scandal

GOP assault on the poor continues: payday lending returns

And the sharks are smelling blood in the water:

A bill that would bring back payday lending to North Carolina has attracted a powerful new co-sponsor: Senate Rules Committee chairman Tom Apodaca. The support of Apodaca, R-Hendersonville, added to the heavyweight lobbyists that the industry has retained, makes it a bill to be reckoned with.

Bill would block Affordable Care Act


Raleigh, N.C. — Senate Republicans opened their session Wednesday with an effort to opt out of provisions of the federal Affordable Care Act set to take effect next year.

Senate Bill 4 would exempt North Carolina from establishing a state-run health insurance exchange or an exchange jointly operated by the state and federal government. The exchanges provide people without employer-sponsored health plans with a marketplace to purchase their own coverage.

Read the article here:

This bill will be heard in the Senate Insurance Committee tomorrow morning at 10 am at the NC Legislative Building, Room 1027/1128.

I have Medicare Advantage Plan, so this does not affect me directly. But it does add to the list of planned bills that lead me to see the Republicans as heartless bastards.

Rep. Howard and Sen. Apodaca squirm on TV

NBC 17's Justin Moss took a look at the money flowing from Time Warner Cable to the primary sponsors of H.129, the so-called "Level Playing Field" bill that would bury municipal broadband systems.

If you've been waiting to see the "deer-in-the-headlights" look of a politician caught with her hand in the cookie jar, watch Rep. Howard's reaction at the end of this video. It is PRICELESS!

Looks Like Charles Taylor is Running

"District Attorney Jeff Hunt said today he will not seek the Republican nomination to challenge U.S. Rep. Heath Shuler in the 11th congressional district." -

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketJeff Hunt was gung ho to run when we met him in the spring though he was waiting on disgraced former Congressman Charles Taylor to bow out first. Hunt's announcement yesterday coupled with Taylor's coy non-answers to the Henderson County Republican Men's Club make it look like we're going to have to endure another season of Taylor's poorly produced smear ads and outright lies.

The rumor mill says that Tom Apodaca won't run because his wife is reluctant. Carl Mumpower could give it a shot, but you've seen how well Asheville candidates do out in the hinterlands.

Hunt really wanted to run.

Charles Taylor... Are ya sure, Charles? Are you sure? Because you're looking at a 61-39 loss this time unless you have photographs of Heath having group sex with Cindy Sheehan, Al Sharpton, and Larry Craig. You're going to put yourself through the wringer, further blackening your karma, having to deal with agitators - For what?

Charles Taylor Holds NC-11 Republicans Hostage

No matter your feelings about Heath Shuler (Mixed Bag D - NC), no one misses The Lump. Disgraced former Congressman Charles Taylor ran the dirtiest campaign in memory, throwing nearly $4 million at those amateur television spots and mailers in an effort to make people forget just how much they loathed him. Almost $3 million of that came out of Taylor's own deep pockets, and Charles Taylor does not like spending his own money.

In this post-election year, using every other off-year as a basis, we can safely assume that Taylor is busy raising money to pay himself back for all those rubles he spent. Meanwhile, a squadron of Republican candidates wait in the wings, knowing that every day Charles Taylor doesn't withdraw his name from the race is a day lost.

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