trickle-down economics

Economist-for-hire Arthur Laffer

Economist-for-hire Arthur Laffer - the man behind the General Assembly's plan to eliminate the personal & corporate income taxes - headlined an event in Raleigh last night with members of the American Legislative Exchange Council. Under the Dome did a piece on the event that's worth the read.

Zombie Reagan stalks the N&O editorial pages

Courtesy of the John Locke Foundation:

Republicans historically have been the party of low taxes. That stance has served the party well, and because of Reagan and Kemp it resulted in 25 years of record economic growth for America...Don’t play the president’s class warfare game on taxes, and question why bloated and duplicative government programs need more money, especially when the nation has incurred a $16 trillion debt that is growing daily.

What this puppet fails to mention (of course) is that Reagan increased the public debt more than all 200 years-worth of previous Presidents combined. Something like 189% if memory serves. Which makes this foray into the land of hyperbole even more laughable:

More GOP economic idiocy

Just caught this Tweet from Andy Dulin, earning him another front-page flogging:

Andy Dulin Fyi, gas is $3.14 in Lancaster,SC. Less tax = more spending.

FYI Andy: If you're going to tout a city (or state) for doing something you think is economically sound, don't pick one that ranks #1 as the most unsound in the country:

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