Perception and politics: how a man, his businesses and altruism, changed North Carolina and beyond

People, in most instances, do not experience a transformational awakening when it comes to watching music videos. But music has its place; whether telling a story, making a political statement, or making a yet as defined, point. Yesterday, I attached a music video to the bottom of a post I wrote. And as long as there are politics …….. humor, parody and especially music and their associated videos, will follow and survive. David Robert Jones, to this day, continues to make some people blush. With his attire, hair, makeup, gaze from the stage or music itself, people still, raise their hand to cover their mouth and mutter, "Oh My."

A bachelor's degree in lottery from UNC

Impossible you say? I don't think so.

In my many years of watching crap ooze from Jones Street, I'd be remiss in thinking I've both seen and heard it all. From Neal Hunt-R and his 75 MPH (excessive speed) bill to the idiots who proposed tolling the majority of North Carolina's ferries, Jim Black-D still holds the record for the most self-righteous legislation in recent memory. Known as the "Payback My Optometrists' Friends Bill", Black proposed having mandating that every child in North Carolina, upon entering school, have an eye exam. Of course these exams would be given by the very same people that got Black elected in the first place; a sort of refilling of pockets previously emptied for political contributions. And as disingenuous as he was obvious, Black, just like his legislation, would soon go up in flames.

UNC on List of 55 Universities with Open Title IX Sex Assault Investigations

Finding UNC on a list of universities in possible violation of Title IX over handling of sex abuse cases isn't news for most of us since the complaints against UNC have been publicized, but it is never fun to see something like this in print. Sadly, we are in good company. Normally it would be a point of pride to find my beloved UNC on a list that includes Harvard, Dartmouth, Princeton, Vanderbilt, and UVA. This list? Not so much.

The U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights (OCR) released today a list of the higher education institutions under investigation for possible violations of federal law over the handling of sexual violence and harassment complaints.


Speaking truth to power

can still result in attempts to muzzle the speaker.

Gene Nichol is now required to warn UNC and add a disclaimer any time he writes something for publication.

Printed under the column were [Nichol's] name, his title as the Boyd Tinsley Distinguished Professor and this statement: “He doesn’t speak for UNC.”

Since late October, the disclaimer has appeared whenever Nichol, a provocative and prolific writer, pens a piece for the newspaper’s opinion pages.

According to email records obtained by the N&O, Nichol, a former dean and college president and well-known liberal, has also been asked by his bosses to give them a day or two days’ notice – a “heads up” before his columns appear

That's because Nichol speaks truth that the powerful don't want to hear. And some of the powerful react with indignation.

Distinguished professorships unfilled at UNC system due to budget debacle

The Daily Tarheel reported earlier this week that 109 Distinguished Professor positions in the UNC system are going unfilled because of the uncertainty over the system's budget. In February, Art Pope rejected the UNC system's budget request.

Distinguished Professors are positions where private donations are matched by state dollars to provide extra travel and research funding to outstanding faculty.

Coal ash, puppies, and iPads: McCrory rehashes tired talking points for Daily Tarheel

You can read the interview here.

The main points:

  • Employers can't find qualified candidates for jobs so the university system is broken. (Those darn kids can't read balance sheets and annual reports!)
  • He praises liberal arts degress, but says that current liberal arts degrees are useless and that universities have "forgotten the liberal arts part" and that "gender studies" won't help you find a job. (I guess the "liberal arts" part doesn't include anything having to do with women, racial minorities or gays and a "job" doesn't include becoming a professor, historian, or researcher in liberal arts.)
  • If taxpayers subsidize education, a priority should be areas where students are likely to get jobs. (By the way, jobs in engineering, computer science and business are the only ones that count.)

Trauma of executions ripples outward

Trauma of executions ripples outward
March 6, 2014 By Kristin Collins

NCCADP Partner Spotlight: UNC Death Penalty Project

The law students sat quietly as capital defense attorney Mark Rabil described the experience of watching one of his clients be executed. Covered in a sheet with IVs trailing from his arms, the man looked around at the roomful of people who would watch him die. His eyes rested on Rabil’s as he mouthed the word “No.” And then Rabil watched as the man he had spent years trying to save from the execution chamber turned blue and died.

Governor Pope Just Announced His Governorship - Edict on UNC


This is ironclad self admission by Governor Pope that he is not only Governor, but Pope. See what you can do with lots of money. His proximate tgt is Gene Nichol per DeLuca, the parasite from Civitas.

NC Student Power Union to UNC board - debt free students by 2020

The NC Student Power Union, a student rights group in the state formed during the Occupy protests, is calling on the UNC administration to create a plan to ensure that no student has to incur debt for a college education in the state by 2020.

Days after a 500 student walkout at UNCG, the NC Student Power Union is headed to the UNC Board of Governors with a big idea: that no student in the system should graduate with debt.

Student walkout planned at UNC-Greensboro

Students at UNC-Greensboro are planning a walk-out protest tomorrow:

Just take another pay cut? A course cut? A higher teaching load? Academic program cancelled? Wondering why UNCG continues the plans to build a $91 million Rec Center when we have to "give back" $8 million because we fell so far short of our enrollment target? Raking thousands and thousands of dollars in student debt to pay for an increasingly watered down education? Worried your degree won't be worth the paper it's printed on by the time you graduate?

Enough is enough. We cannot take it anymore.

Join us on the EUC lawn at 1pm on February 19th for a student and faculty walk out and rally. Our demands are simple: Expand education, not administration. Cut our debt, not our budget!

Facebook page for the protest here.

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