Terrible, Corporate-Backed Unemployment Insurance Cuts Move Forward In North Carolina

Tell NC lawmakers to drop their draconian, hurtful, immoral unemployment insurance proposal.

Republican legislators in North Carolina are pushing an extreme package of cuts to unemployment insurance.

The Senate committee in charge of the issue, the Revenue Laws Study Committee, voted to move the proposal forward on Tuesday. It will come to the General Assembly for a vote when they reconvene on January 30.

The proposal cuts the weekly maximum benefit by 35 percent, (even though the statewide average benefit is much less). It also reduces the number of benefit to a sliding scale between 12 and 20 weeks, even though the average length of unemployment is at an all-time high of 40 weeks.

As New Year Begins, North Carolina Republicans Considering Drastic Cuts to Unemployment Insurance

Take action now – tell the North Carolina legislators to keep unemployment benefits strong

Thankfully, earlier this week Congress fulfilled its (minimum) obligation to the long-term unemployed by passing an extension of federal unemployment benefits as part of the “fiscal cliff” deal.

On holding down the conversational fort, or, jobs, Republicans, and hooey

As the next Congressional fight over payroll tax extensions and unemployment benefits and pipelines gets set up in the next few weeks for either its final chapter or to be kicked down the road a bit farther, one or the other, you’re going to hear a lot from our Republican friends about how much they value work and workers; most especially, they’ll tell you, they value American jobs for American workers.

After all, they’ll say, creating American jobs is the most important thing of all.

But if we were to look back over just the last few months, some would tell us, we could quickly find examples of how Republicans promote ideas that don’t seem to value work or workers at all, much less American jobs.

Well as it turns out, “some” seem to be right; to illustrate one of those examples we’ll look back a month or two or three to a time some Republicans might wish was long, long, ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

WTF? One has gone to a unionized firm?

The Democratic National Convention Committee has awarded six contracts, worth a combined $7 million. Of those, one went to a unionized firm.

One out of seven? Unfreakingbelievable.

Hey, Renee? America Wants to Work!

Workers from all walks of life walked a picket line outside Rep. Renee Ellmers' (R-2nd) district office in Dunn, NC, today. We walked to remind the Congresswoman that North Carolina, like the rest of America, wants to work! Ellmers needs to focus on what matters - fixing our JOBS CRISIS. The top 1% can take care of themselves. We need Ellmers to represent the Other 99% for a change.

On Doing Better Than 50%, Or, Could More “Made In USA” Mean More Jobs?

We gotta grow some jobs, and that’s a fact, and we probably aren’t going to be able to do it with big ol’ jobs programs funded by the Federal Government, what with today’s politics and all, and that means if this Administration wants to stay in the jobs game they’re going to have to find some smaller and more creative ways to do it.

They are also going to have to come up with ideas that are pretty much “bulletproof”, meaning that they are so hard to object to that even Allen West and Louie Gohmert will not want to be on record saying “no no no!”; alternatively, solutions that work around the legislative process entirely could represent the other form of “bulletproof-ery”.

Well, I have one of those “maybe bulletproof” ideas for you today, and it has to do with how “Made in USA” the things are that our Government buys.

anti union rant from PAC chair of Association of Builders and Contractors

To: ABC Board, Council & Committee Leaders

From: Art Odom, ABC PAC Chairman

ABC is under attack and we are only 3 weeks into the new administration. The Obama administration just issued 3 pro-union Executive Orders and we anticipate more.


April 16 Support Smithfield

Dear Triangle-area Supporters,

On Monday, April 16th at 7PM, former Smithfield worker Lorena Ramos will join a worker from a Tyson poultry plant and a farmworker to describe the unjust, dangerous and sometimes unlawful practices of Wal-Mart's food suppliers. This free, public event is part the the Wal-Mart Food and Agricultural Worker Tour. Don't miss your chance to hear stories behind Wal-Mart's everyday low prices! Sponsored by Duke Students Against Sweatshops and the Duke Muslim Student Association, this event will take place at 7PM in Old Chemistry Building, Room 116 (West Campus) on Monday, April 16. Here's a link to a campus map with the Old Chemistry Building highlighted: http://map.duke.edu/?bidw06

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