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Brad Miller says Maybe

I wrote this up for kos. It is written on the longer article that appeared in the N&O today.
He is listening!

In a fantastic story by the News & Observer, Brad Miller says he is listening about running against Elizabeth Dole for US Senate.

"I'm at least going to talk to folks in North Carolina and get a sense of what people are thinking," Miller said Wednesday.

James Inhofe or the Mole Man?

There was a recent news item about Sen. Inhofe of Oklahoma blocking an authorization for an Earth Day concert on the Capitol lawn because it was a partisan event. Ignoring the fact that the bill is co-sponsored by a Republican, I am not sure what gives a Senator who doesnt even have 50% approval in HIS OWN STATE (he has topped out at 49% over the last two years) license to say what is and is not within the purview of his party. Sadly I doubt many people watched the testimony of Vice-President Gore before the Senate Environment and Public Works committee the other week because they would have seen this guy make a complete ass out of himself. Unfortunately I cant find the full video online only Boxer scolding him (which if youre a US Senator getting scolded as if by a school marm that really says a lot) for bitching about not having enough time to allow people to answer the questions he asked, which seems to have overshadowed everything else that went on. I would like the full video because I am sure if you timed the amount of time he spent cutting off answers to his questions and complaining about time and the amount of extra time he was given, he actually had more than sufficient time (yes I wanted to see how many times I could say time at one time). Anyways this inspired me to bring back my Politician/Superhero/villain comparisons.

Presenting Senator James Inhofe aka The Mole Man. For those unfamiliar with James Inhofe he is the whiney little man who is skeptical of scientific process and attributes Global Warming to sunspots. The Mole Man for those unfamiliar with him is the epitome of sixties supervillains, this one brought to us from the Fantastic Four. He is a scientist who when testing his theory of a hollow earth discovered and was trapped in a subterranean world (which he of course thought proved his theory although it was clearly shown that it did not). Since then he has occasionally found his way to the surface and threatened the world with strange creatures from below the earth and is dutifully sent back under the rock from whence he came. He has never been more than a middling threat and for his combination of ineffectuality, misguided science, and mainly because he looks like he spends most of his time under a rock I think that clearly Sen. James Inhofe is the Moleman.

The Draft Brad Miller Movement Continues (NC-Sen)

On January 23rd I announced a movement to try and convince Brad Miller to run against Elizabeth Dole. That led to my first reccomended diary on dailykos. That thread (and my signature) has led to over $500 in donations to Brad. While that may seem like a small amount in terms of what is needed to run for Senate (and it is), it is a sign to Brad that we want him to run, and that we think he can win.

Follow below, as I once again lay out the case for Brad.

Brad Miller for Senate (please)

For those who missed it, Chuck Schumer came to DailyKos asking for names to recruit for Senate. This isnt much different from what Jerry Meek did a few months ago. But, included in his post was this small link.

So, you want Brad Miller to run for Senate? You want the DSCC to help out? Contact them.

The Fix steals my title

For those of you who missed it, I wrote a diary a few weeks ago titled, "How Vulnerable is Elizabeth Dole?". Well, Chris at the WaPo echoes my question, but with some more information than I had available.

He starts by saying that Dems believe this seat is vulnerable, and Republicans disagree. Not exactly mind expanding. He then mentions a poll conducted by Bush (and now Romney's) pollster, Jan van Lohuizen. The results of this poll that is not on the internet?

Sixty-four percent of the sample viewed Dole favorably while just 26 percent saw her in an unfavorable light. Dole's job performance ratings were similarly solid -- 63 percent approved of the job she is doing, compared with just 25 percent who disapproved.

DSCC polls North Carolina

I am only posting this here because SD said I should. I already stole Justin's breaking news by posting about it on other sites.

Over at BlueNC, justing, brings our attention to a new poll conducted in North Carolina.

I say new because it was released today, although the poll was in the field almost 3 weeks ago. What is most important about this poll was that it was conducted by the DSCC. They are paying attention!

The results? Dole is in big trouble, and North Carolina hates George Bush. Before going too far into the poll results, let me point out that this poll asked the question, "Who did you vote for in 2004?" The respondents matched up to the state's actual total, 56% Bush and 43% Kerry.

Who will stand up to challenge Liddy?

I have spent most of my past diaries on the topic of Elizabeth Dole in one form of another. The most common question that people have asked me is, who is going to run against her? Well, I decided to compile all the possible choices, and see what sort of rumors we could get started. The simple fact is that we need a challenger. And, we need that challenger to have raised a ton of cash by the end of this year. So, lets take a look at the possibilities.

Let me start off by saying that we will beat Elizabeth Dole. She is being watched by groups across the country, who will jump in once she has a challenger. More importantly, she is below 50% in the polls, with painful approval rates. She supports the president's war in a state with shrinking support for Bush's failures. Additionally, at the end of 2006 she had less than $250,000 cash on hand, making her fundraising a big question mark for the first time.

We just have to get someone to run.

Helping Empowering Veterans Help Us

By now most of you will probably have read either this short post on BlueNC, or the initial post at DailyKos.

Well, I gave the guy a call, to talk about exactly what is intended and what is needed.

Draft Brad Miller petition

On the morning of Tuesday, January 23rd the netroots movement to convince Brad Miller to run for United States Senate was launched. The first diary was well received, leading to over three hundred dollars in donations. While this might seem like a small amount of money, it was enough to put us on the top 5 of ActBlue’s “hottest pages.” Whenever a potential Senate candidate can raise as much money on ActBlue as a real presidential candidate in one day you know that things could get going real quick.

Draft Brad Miller

This was crossposted from DailyKos.

In November of 2008 Senator Elizabeth Dole will be up for reelection. There are rumors that she will retire, but she is saying she will run. But, then again, she also said she would be an independent voice for North Carolina, and has done little more than rubber stamp. But, I digress.

We need an opponent for her. Many believe that our governor, Mike Easley, will run against her. I do not think he will. But, even if he does, we have a strong progressive candidate who can win.

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