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#4Pizzas and the Wake County Budget

Hi all,

Thanks to BlueNC for continuing to keep the spotlight on state and national issues. But I have a local one for you to think about.

You may know that I am running for Wake County Commission. I hope you've had a chance to see my first ad in my campaign. The theme is "Four Pizzas." You can see the ad below, and more details at 4Pizzas.org. If you like what you see, and you support paying Wake County's teachers a fair salary closer to the national average, please urge your commissioner to support the School Board's budget request.

To the Executive Council.

As a teacher the way we write lesson plans is to first state the objective.
So with that being said what is the objective?
We need to emerge from the meeting with a competent ED. The next executive director needs to be from the inside, they need to know the landscape of the state. They need to be able to make money, they need to bring into others into the party. The need to know how to run a campaign and get democrats elected. They need to be able to work with others to find the middle ground. The only person who fits these requirements is Casey Mann. She can lead this party back to winning elections.

We also need to discuss the end goals of the members of the council, especially those in elected positions, with all parties seeing eye to eye. Our communities and our constituents need to see that we can come together to get Democrats elected.

I'm running for Wake County Commission

I am excited to tell you that I will be a candidate for the Wake County Commission in 2014. My opponent, Paul Coble, is a two term incumbent Republican who stands in the way of progress in Wake County. He has complained that advocates of transit "shouldn't be worried about things 20 or 30 years in the future" while we have "short term concerns." I believe the exact opposite. We can help resolve our short term concerns by thinking about the future, developing goals, and working to achieve those goals. Leadership requires vision. These commissioners don't have it.

I need your help. This is a huge county, with over 650,000 voters. And it isn't cheap to run in a place this big. Please give at www.BurnsforWake.org

Say YES to Wake County School Bond

Years ago, I served on the board of a religious institution. At the annual meeting, we presented a budget to the membership that included an increase in the amount of the preschool line item. An older member vehemently objected stating that the preschool should be self-sufficient. I button-holed the President during this rant and told him that if I ever forgot that the very reason for our existence was to educate a new generation, he had my permission to tell me it was time to leave town.

If all of our children are not well educated and loved, none of us will thrive. America is both a country of rugged individualists and a caring community. To the sad, selfish, short-sighted people leading a campaign to vote no on the Wake County School Bond, I say, start packing.

Wake County GOP Chair Calls for Squandering Taxpayer Dollars

The thoroughly political, thoroughly clueless Donna Williams, chair of the Wake County GOP, launches a thoroughly political claim that Wake County DA Colon Willoughby is politically motivated in urging that protesters be cited, rather than arrested.

Showing that she, too, can be part of the GOP Taliban, she insists that those protesters be arrested and face "justice".

Even if it does waste $100,000 of taxpayers' money. And we thought that Donna opposed wasting taxpayer money. Either she has changed her mind or she is a hypocrite.

The wing nuts complain that Moral Mondays are wasting taxpayer resources and then insist on an unnecessary process that wastes taxpayer resources.


Alaskan oil money coming to town

Unfortunately, the influx of capital represents a loss of wealth for the area, not a gain:

The dream buyer is American Homes 4 Rent, a Malibu, Calif., company that since late December has paid nearly $13.3 million in cash for 81 houses in Wake County, according to property records. The company, which formed last year, is one of several firms hoping to profit from rising home prices by amassing thousands of single-family homes across the country and converting them into rentals.

My initial reaction when this story slid by my eyes was that there must be some local connection, somebody here on the ground that greased the skids for this. I haven't found one yet, but that's not as heartening as it should be. That means these investors see an economic situation where upper middle class people would be more amenable to rent instead of buy, and that's not a good thing. Not to mention, the new landlords might not be as responsible as others:

More chairs needed at the Dix negotiating table

3,000 more chairs, to be precise:

The county, spending $22 million a year on mental health, had “imbedded” care for those groups into widespread operations and clinics. Now each part of the care that Wake County had offered through its Human Services Department must be examined as part of the ongoing “divestiture.” That means some other private or nonprofit entity will likely take over the work through a contract with Alliance.

There appears to be a whole lot of potential cracks for these patients to fall through, and part of this park deal should be an agreement by the State and Raleigh/Wake to make sure that doesn't happen.

House candidate Jim Fulghum caught doing the chicken dance

Jim Fulghum, Republican candidate for NC House 49 in Wake County, has been caught red-handed with his hand in the taxpayers' cookie jar. What does it mean for this free-market worshipping, tax-cut-first-ask-questions-later, John Locke Foundation board member? It means he is a hypocrite.

In 2009, the Raleigh millionaire neurosurgeon received a $100,000 government bailout for his chicken farm in Chatham County. According to the NC Dep. of Agriculture, Fulghum's Deep River Farm received a $100,000 bailout through the Poultry Loss Contract Grant Assistance Program when its live poultry dealer, Pilgrim's Pride, went bankrupt.

Wake County Coms: Resolution in Support of Voter Participation in the May 8 Amendment to the NC Constitution Protectin

Here is a YouTube link to the portion of the Commissioners meeting with the discussion of the resolution. It's in two parts. It lasts about 17 minutes and is worth listening to.



Time to put your money where your mouth is:

Can progressives take back control of North Carolina's General Assembly? Three new polls conducted by PPP for Progress NC pinpoint areas where vulnerable incumbents or open seats could open the door for progressive candidates to enter the race, including a poll showing that incumbent Jim Crawford (D-Granville) is vulnerable in the Democratic Primary. If you are thinking of running, or know someone thinking of running, stand by for more polling in other counties soon. More details on these three polls after the jump:

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